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Equipo multidisciplinario de profesionales a cargo del Dr. Rey J. Romero, ubicados en la ciudad de Boca del Río, Veracruz, Distrito Federal y Cancún, Quintana Roo, cuyo campo de especialidad es el tratamiento quirúrgico de la obesidad y la diabetes a través de procedimientos avalados como bypass gástrico/metabólico, manga gástrica y balón intragástrico.

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MyVCM is a cloud based compliance management solution to demonstrate information security compliance to industry standards & regulations

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In the UK, we have a set of Dietary Reference Values (DRVs), which are an estimate of the nutritional requirements of a healthy

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Want a career as an occupational therapist? Want to learn more about occupational therapy in BC? University of British Columbia Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy department is the place to learn more.