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  • William Curl - Great album

    This is an incredible album. I was a little skeptical about buying the CD because at the time I purchased the album I didn't here any of the tracks. I purchased the album based on J Cole track record and I am glad that I took a chance.

  • nutsa - Not bad overall

    Its great to have whatever music you want in the car.. Its works really easy.. Idk maybe its only in my car but it has some background noise... You cant hear it when music is on that much but music quality is not the same...

  • plemans - Used to seal a sand vase

    I used this to seal in a marriage sand vase and its worked perfect. I can turn the vase upside down without it popping out. I wouldn't do it many times since it'll change the pattern of the sand as well as the sand might settle a bit. after a few months of the sand settling is when I did this. a few months later the sand has settled a little more. Might test drilling a hold and refilling the gap but we'll see.

  • Trish - Flash mobbed in Maui!

    I'm in Maui and went to Lahaina last night for dinner. On my way down Front Street I was approached by a young man with an (?) accent. He told me that I have beautiful skin and looked very sophisticated but that I had some small lines around my eyes and he wanted to show me an amazing product. He put the serum under the left eye and yes they were a bit puffy and red due to being in the sun all afternoon. He continued to tell me how lovely I was and that this product was going to erase those fine lines. I was ready to leave when he wanted to address my neck wrinkles and that he needed just 5 more minutes of my time. He started to slather the green masque on my neck, only one side of course....I am a consultant for Rodan and Fields and told him that. I love the products from R&F and although he was quite nice and charming...I wasn't about to make a split second decision to try his products without some research. Beware of the hard sell, as I was walking farther up Front street another young lady pulled me into her store...don't recall the name but the packaging looked almost identical. She mentioned that Orogold was placed on my left under eye and that her products were far superior because they were made with Stem cells....liposomes and some other ingredients. Her Russian accent was so thick and she spoke so quickly you do feel ambushed and they are very forceful in their selling approach. She put the serum under my right eye and of course told me that the results were even more dramatic than the ones under my left eye. I looked carefully in the mirror and asked some questions. They tell you that the products will last 24 months...HELLO! What on earth lasts that long; MRE's from the WWII maybe. I left and sure enough a third store with the same look and cute sales person outside waiting to pounce on me....I said no thank you and moved on. I felt like I had been flash mobbed by sales persons. Be strong and don't wilt to pressure. There are great products out there and you don't need to be bullied into buying them.