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  • http://ostendio.com/solutions/medical-device-companies/ FDA Compliance - MyVCM helps medical device companies comply with FDA regulation and cybersecurity guidance.

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  • DEBORAH - the show is still fresh with the characters from the beginning blended nicely with the new

    After 12 years, the show is still fresh with the characters from the beginning blended nicely with the new. Still miss McDreamy, McDreamy, Calie, Izzie, George and Christina. The show still has not "Jumped the Shark"!

  • Julia - Best of luck

    I used this to try to pass a drug test for employment. (Medical) Marijuana user. No other drugs. Female, 5'6, 135 lbs, chronic daily smoker. Stopped using marijuana for about 9 days prior to drug test. Used this after two days of not smoking and tried an at-home drug test. Failed it. Used it for the real test after nine days of not smoking, failed it as well. Although my employers did not care, as I have medical reasons for use, they were unfortunately unable to hire me because they have to abide by federal laws rather than state. I followed the instructions EXACTLY. I chose this product because a male friend of mine has used it twice, both times successfully, to pass drug tests for employment. I'm thinking it works well with some people's bodies and not at all with others. If you're considering using it, try a practice run after at least 2 days of not using. If it doesn't work, ditch it and go another route. Best of luck!

  • Kindle Customer - This is a real page turner

    Very well written and holds your attention so you will not want to lay the book down.It will keep you up late so start reading it early.

  • Craig Hogan - Works well for the price

    This product did what I expected on my black Audi. It handles minor scratches well. Even when it works the scratch is still there - you can see the scratch line in the sun but the white is gone so you don't see it unless you are bending down to look at it.

  • Anne - Sticky glue-like mess

    I certainly do not recommend this product. It is very sticky and awful and it clumps around facial hair. It also caused a slight breakout. My usual chemical exfoliator that costs 90% less works considerably better. Stay away from this company there is something incredibly fishy about their products and sales tactics.