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  • Kevin Tic Robinson - Thank him later....

    This may be the album people come back to years from now as the turning point in his ascension to the top. I love hip hop artists who make the music they want to make. This album is not perfect but its a good one. I really enjoyed the storytelling skills he displayed on the song "Wet Dreamz" especially.

  • marco - Internet lento (internet go slow)

    Compre este producto viendo las evaluaciones que aparecen en la pagina de Bitdefender, pura mercadotecnia, lo instale y me puso el internet lento, trate de hacer todos los ajustes posibles, pero igual de lento. Considero que esta mal diseñado si de hecho ponen en sus foros: Desactive tal funcion para que mejore, es decir tales funciones no son utiles y no sirven para nada.No creo que tenga un PC lento WIN 7 X64,8 GB RAM ,AMD Phenom II X6,ASUS ROG Mobo, video AMD 7870. No lo recomiendo para nada.No lo compre.

  • OnceMore - Well reasoned critiques of a good variety of "big data" models

    In the data economy age that we live in, we are constantly getting "sized up" or measured in order to be automatically put into "buckets" that organizations and businesses can use to drive "efficient" decision making. Different "buckets" are associated with different levels of desirability. Those falling into the less desirable ones could be denied admission to a good school, a job interview, or a loan; face job termination; or be subjected to unwanted police attention or predatory advertising.

  • Vance - Another Collection of Mostly Boring Yawns (I mean Yarns)

    I always favor the Best American Mystery Short Stories over this anthology. While this edition served up perhaps 3-4 decent stories, including "Breatharians," by Collan Wink, for the most part the stories were yawners, elitist yarns (yawns) by the typical crew of our supposed best short story writers, like George Saunders, Jim Shepard, and especially mournful and moanful, Alice Munro. Not worth the price of admission.

  • Annie - This stuff is amazing! My husband has always told me there was ...

    This stuff is amazing! My husband has always told me there was nothing we could do to prevent spiders coming into the house. Well, since using this product, I haven't seen one spider. We used it inside and outside by our doors and windows. This is a great product!

  • Wayne - Decent but dull

    Overall it is a decent knife, what you would expect for the price. But I was disappointed with how dull the knife was. Other Gerber knives I have purchased always had a very sharp edge.

  • Amanda - No hesitation - the best wet/dry Hardwood Floor Cleaner!

    I, like many of you, had been shopping for a hardwood floor cleaner for over a year. I knew they were expensive, and frankly I was exhausted with all of the options. So it's been me and my Swiffer WetJet for years. No longer!