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  • Addison - Everything you need & nothing you don't!

    Let's be honest. Anyone who wears headphones to the gym or during any active lifestyle and demands audiophile quality is simply presumptuous. Don't get me wrong, music during workouts is intended to pump you up but it also serves as ambient background, allowing you enter the zone without distraction. One's main focus should be your task at hand. That being said, buying competing wireless IEM/phones such as Bose or Jaybird is essentially wasting money for an "improved" workout experience. When I'm on the bench press or trying to push through mile 5 on a run, I'm not focused on the incredible symphonic cascades in a Mozart composition, nor am I expecting nice crisp percussion on a trendy pop song.

  • Ilovenailart - Not compatible with some banks

    Not very user friendly as is said to be, in fact it's confusing actually. It would be nice if there were more instructions. Also when I called tech support in the banking part he would not help me unless I paid 70.00 for 3months of help support. That is ridiculous .

  • elana lee - So far so good. They were quick to send it to me ...

    So far so good. They were quick to send it to me and I have heard many great reviews. I hope it will be useful in the next coming months of studying.