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  • Notorious D.D.D. - Good prevention.

    I can't give this product 5 stars because I'm using it as a prevention against Alzheimer's. The only way I could really KNOW it works is if I had Alzheimer's and this product stopped it. I could take this product every day, live to be 100 years old and never develop Alzheimer's, but even then I wouldn't know for sure if the product prevented it, or was I never really at risk at all! But, the research sounds good and I'm willing to risk 40 cents a day hoping the research is correct!

  • Jess - Please set skepticism aside.

    I feel as if it would not be a complete review if I did not tell my history of having roaches. These little demons have been in most houses I've lived in my entire life because my parents don't care about getting rid of them and that is something that everyone in the house needs to be a part of or at least aware of. They were something that I thought was a plague on my life. I literally never went a year without seeing them everywhere. In my lifetime I have tried probably every spray and bug bomb on the general market. Nothing ever worked. The sprays were more than likely ineffective because I couldn't put them as far spread as I needed to due to having pets and asthma. The bug bombs require multiple applications as well as many days to clear before re-entering the house, and I never had a chance to be out of the house for more than a week. I made a huge mistake of taking furniture with me when I moved out of my parents' house, so naturally, the little pests came with me. I considered tenting the house and everyone always told me that gels are useless.

  • kodiakcowboy - A must for preparation

    I utilized this book for 5 CLEP tests and was able to pass them all with the aid of this material. Many questions are similar, almost word for word on the test. I recommend this study guide.

  • Larry Sealey - Good stuff

    Currently using with another product. It has been about 2 months thicker hair no new growth yet. I feel it tingling.

  • Amazon Customer - Must Read!!!

    No lie, this was a great read. It'll make you laugh, make you mad, produce real live tears and all. Every book I have read from this author has been one hundred percent worth the 9.99. Honestly she's going easy with that price because her work is worth so much more. I can bet if you are a true and real reader you WONT be disappointed, money definitely well spent as usual.

  • Gavin MacKinnon - Don't waste your time failed to find virus that ruined my PC

    Bitdefender is a joke product pretending to be antivirus software. Save yourself the money and find a better product. After I installed it and updated the virus definitions I got a terrible virus that wiped my HDD. I contacted Bitdefender and I got a automated e-mail that said in so many words said, "Wow, that sucks....so good luck with that" After the lack of customer service I wanted a full refund promised by their "Money back guarantee." I didn't receive a refund or even much of a response. You're literally better off buying a copy of Photoshop to protect your computer against infection. If this review helps at least one person then maybe the money I wasted on this brazenly dysfunctional software wouldn't have been a complete waste.