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  • Joe Gandalf - Probably the best charger on the market

    The desulfater feature is what sets this charger apart from other quality automatic chargers. I have had it rescue a couple of batteries that would not charge at all with my other chargers; now I can use them regularly! I initially bought the BatteryMINDer 1 amp unit (looks like an oversized wall-wart) and it did such a good job that I bought this larger unit as well (2 winter-stored sports cars and 2 tractors - you gotta have more than one charger).

  • Drew - The best gaming experiences of my life

    The best gaming experiences of my life. World War I has been shown in a new light! Everything is stunning graphically and the historical accuracy is amazing! Love this game to death.

  • S.D. - A natural alternative that works...

    For our cat,this worked wonders. She isn't the type that would allow prescription medication to be put on her everyday without someone going to the doctor for cat bites and scratches. I did have to give her more than stated on bottle,but it did help.It took about a month for her to gain weight and have a soft non-greasy looking coat, the midnight howling to calm down & thirst to curb. She has maintained and that's all that really matters being 15 years old.

  • Stuart Bernstein - Baseball Hsll book

    Good compilation ; however would have been more useful if more than one page was devoted to each subject.