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  • Hunt - BIG & great

    A beautiful example of what modern and functional architecture would have to be. Many compliments to BIG group for the fantastic job.

  • Amazon Customer - I absolutely love this product

    I have been using the pureleef product for approximately 3 weeks and I noticed results immediately. Applying pureleef twice a day after showering in the morning and at night time, paired with a sequence of 25 squats, my butt is plumper and perkier already. I absolutely love this product!! I normally use a butt shaper under garment when applying the pureleef cream; this method helped target and shape my butt to my liking. Hopefully this method works for you as well!

  • Kelli P. Udas - Apparently, (CRAPPY) electric shavers are a brand new concept to us inferior-minded females. Offensive.

    Wow, it's the tiniest electric shaver ever with a headlight. Genius. This piece of crap has a foil head about one fifth the size of a men's counterpart, and we're supposed to use it for our entire bodies. It would literally take an entire day, 24 hours, if not longer to accomplish anything like that with this joke of a product. I couldn't even "finish" one leg in 45 minutes. I'd finish a complete marathon before I'd finish removing hair from my body with this thing and I'm not even a runner. I find the advertisement on the package quite insulting to my female intelligence. It's OBVIOUSLY nothing more than a super tiny electric shaver, yet that term, "shaver", is nowhere to be found. Instead, you get "introducing the world's first full-body hair remover made just for women to feel clean and sexy all over."... Then, blah blah elegant, blah blah technology, blah blah a bunch of ridiculous words to make it sound like a piece of magic...its a super tiny shaver with a stupid light on it.

  • usrunnr - Outstanding 2016 Cast Recording

    Fine revival cast recording. Delightful upon multiple listenings. Cast and voice quality could not be better.

  • John Murdoch - Still cannot import EPS version 3.0 graphics after all these years...

    Very disappointed. I have Publisher 2010, and upgraded in hopes of being able to import EPS 3.0 graphics. Microsoft says this imports EPS, but clearly not all.

  • Joiedevivre - Worked for about 5 minutes- No one year warranty honored

    These tablets seemed like a good deal & rated well on "". With normal use both tablets screens cracked & will not work. I replaced one, that hasn't been charged in awhile and now will not work at all, so now I have 2 useless tablets and brokenhearted kids that got this for Christmas. I tried to contact about the 1 year warranty, but the seller wanted me to pay $60 for repair (that is not a warranty). Upon further communication, the company will not return emails or correspondence. I basically threw my money in the trash.

  • Janet Boucher - Love Love Love it!

    I love sending cards and this product is so easy to use, is fun to create with, and the possibilities are endless. It is very user friendly and will not only save time but lots of money! This is a great product that I will use often.