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  • Osteomeatl - WARNING Wenger 16999 for display ONLY!

    I purchase this knife on Amazon. When the knife arrived I opened the package . Most of the blades were in the open position. I thought "This is a cool knife" . I closed the knife blades and was shocked to discover that a couple of the blades were longer then the body of the knife and stuck out precariously ready to slice open any finger or body part that dare come within striking distance. What is worse is that the sharp edge of the knife blade sticks right up against a metal bolster that is in perfect position to put a large knick right in the blade. I called Wenger and asked if this was the way that they intended to make the knife or if it was a defect in which the assembler possibly put the blades in the wrong channel . I was told that this knife was a "display piece" and was never intended to be functional. Well that is all well and good but then please inform the buyer as to this fact and don't produce a marketing video that shows the many uses of the knife. I purchased this knife as a gift for a collector friend and I realize that 99% of collector knives will be locked away in a safe and never used but the difference is, a quality custom OR production tool is at least functional. That is the beauty of a tool. Wenger should be ashamed of ever letting this worthless piece of dangerous scrap metal ever leave the factory. Anyone involved in this project should be fired. The cheapest far East knife factory would never let something like this leave the door. And this is Swiss made? . I have to cringe at the thought of a product liability Attorney flashing pictures of this "Closed" knife after it slices off somebodies finger. Needless to say I sent it back to Amazon WITH A WARNING

  • Amandaofcols - I LOVE this planner

    I LOVE this planner! The images are fairly simple to color and not labor intensive. The lines are large enough to fit in notes and events, plus there's a separate note sections for each day. I will definitely be purchasing this again.

  • A. Lauper - 2012

    2012 is slightly vague as to the timing of end time events but the stupidity of man shines in this movie. Amazing how they put reliability of accuracy on one young man and that short coming resulted in the death of multitudes. But hey, the action in this movie is great. I recommend that you either rent it or buy it, this movie rocks.

  • Amazon Customer - Atrend Bbox is a good solid product

    This sealed box was solid and well made. It had no leaks and was as advertised. It came with the white cotton type material on the inside that is supposed to increase the air flow and make it seem bigger than it is. I put a "Rockford Fosgate P3D4-10 Punch P3 DVC 4-Ohm 10-Inch 500-Watt RMS 1000 Watts Peak Subwoofer" in it. I had to remove the protective rubber cover from around the magnet. After that, it fit perfectly. The rubber cover was to protect the magnet before installation. I saw reviews where it stated that only a shallow woofer would fit. This woofer was large and most people wouldn't have known to take that bulky magnet cover off. I would buy this again if needed. I highly recommend this product.