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  • Johnny7 - Take control of your liver's health and give it the extra nutrition it needs....it works hard for you!

    Many of us seniors take a lot of pills every day and every week. Medicine and vitamins are all good...thank God we have them. However by products and toxins form and they can make your liver work over time. It is a well known fact that toxicity of the liver can make you ill. I just wanted to try a product that will give me a little extra edge. So far so good and I want to keep on using it. I was given this sample as an exchange for a fair review.

  • Kelleycometrue - My kiddos loved them and want to try the other flavors as ...

    Got these for my kiddos since they are picky eaters and our doctor suggested we get this to help our kids maintain / gain weight . My kiddos loved them and want to try the other flavors as well. Will deff continue to buy them !!

  • Amazon Customer - Seems to be working fine

    Who knows how effective it may really be but I poured a little in my crankcase and the rest into a full tank of gas a few days after my engine shut down right after starting one morning. I figure it had to be dirty injectors since my Honda has 225k miles on it and I had not treated the gas or oil in quite some time. Car is running great and I plan on using the second bottle at my next oil change.

  • Allen - Best bike for the money (18 yr old male)

    The 2015 HASA R4 Road Bike is one of the best bikes you can purchase at this price. This bike is equipped with tons of Shimano parts which are known to be the best bike parts. The aluminum frame is lightweight and has a lifetime guarantee on it. This bike is easy to assemble. Just look at youtube videos to learn how to do the cables. It was easy for me and I'm not even a bike expert. Fastest I driven on a flat with this bike was 30mph in a tailwind. Brakes work very well. Good bike for the money. I am also 5'7 with a 30'' inseam and 52'' fits me very well.