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City: 16.3667 , Austria

  • bella meyrich - good for an overview

    the book had too much history and cultural backround rather than practical details like more restaurants and hotels and how to see the sights

  • Anita - Very good

    I like avast internet security very much . I had problems with my PC in the past and the repairman put in the free Avast security. It worked so well that I purchased Avast. Updates are automatic, protection is working warnings are given, so far I had no problems. I also purchased the Avast security line and I know this also works. Thank you for a great product.

  • Jessi Hope - Doesn't cover acne, but works well otherwise

    This product is pretty good. I have moderate rosacea and resulting acne. One previous reviewer complained it appeared cakey, and the first time I used it, this happened to me also. It was because I put too much of the product on the brush, and didn't follow the step-by-step instructions on how to get it on the applicator properly using the "swirl" method. Once I did that, it worked well, providing an even matte finish on my skin. I have large pores and fine lines, and in some places, the foundation settled into those areas and didn't smooth the appearance completely. My acne, which is moderate, showed through, but the only way for me to really cover my acne is to use liquid concealer that feels disgusting, so I just live with it. If you have mild acne or rosacea without acne, this product is great. I am allergic to dyes and fragrances, and this has never irritated my sensitive skin or given me a runny nose! It felt silky smooth on my face. I normally hate wearing anything on my skin since I like to let it breathe, but I don't mind this product at all. I like it WAAAY better than any $15 drugstore mineral powder. I think the price is about what one would expect to pay for a product like this.

  • OdieMan - Wondful pen.

    A very elegant pen which compliments the Waterman Ballpoint pen that was passed on to me from my father. Smooth writing rollerball and the heft feels nice in the hand.

  • Luvmy4boys - Love this hairspray!

    So I am a big sexy fan! I love the way this product holds it's not too sticky or hard and it allows me to run my fingers through my hair when I curl it to be able to separate the curls yet it maintains the integrity of the curls which I think is awesome.

  • AZshopper - Save the money... a big disappointment

    I'd owned and played every single version of FIFA World Cup since 2008. Unfortunately, FIFA 2014 was a disaster and this game is not much better. I told my self not to buy anymore of EA Sports FIFA after the piece of crap FIFA 2014 but was thinking to give them one more chance, they blew it again. EA Sports has ruined a supposedly very good soccer game series after FIFA 2013. Why they still allowed those programers to ruin the game one after another!? It usually happened to those who was too successful and they didn't care about their customers nor listen to what the customers said. SAVE THE MONEY!