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  • Bargain Lover! - Worth the money!

    I keep buying these, because my cat problem is worse without them. I have a 6 year old male cat, who does not like sharing his house with other cats. He began urinating outside the box and fighting with other cats in the house a few years ago. I tried lots of things--getting extra litter boxes, placing them in different locations, eliminating scented plug-ins, etc. The only thing that even comes close to making a difference is the pheromone plug-in. Yes, he still occasionally pees outside the box, but not every day. ANd he does not fight much at all anymore. He seems much more content. Although he still is not super fond of the current other cat, he at least tolerates her better. As soon as the plug-in runs out, he will start urinating and fighting more, if I do not replace it right away. Yes, it's expensive. I may try the timer idea to save some money on replacements, because I do notice a big difference when I use these plug-ins.

  • Ju-Miao Cheng - Very comparable to its rivals.

    Works well and looks sleek. Not a big fan of the behind the monitor buttons, wish it was at least on the side like some Dell monitors. Brightness set at 70 was bright enough. For $100 monitor, it works well. This monitor is very comparable to the ASUS MX238H for half the price.

  • Brandon - A-okay

    Reception is much worse even in the city. Since I don't listen to AM/FM radio I'm not concerned. This was purely for looks and to get rid of some giant rocking antenna that came from the factory. I have noticed zero noise increase inside the cab at highway speeds and it still works the same as day one after several months.

  • Regina F. Love - Very fast so far. I have only owned HP ...

    Very fast so far. I have only owned HP but the last HP only lasted 1 1/2 year and went through 2 Hard drives and finally died...Calling HP is pointless ...Asus is so willing to help which is why I ended up going with them. So far I am loving this!