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  • Phoenix - Scam

    I tried this particular product and a couple others from the same company for about 3 months and didn't lose any weight at all. The caffeine in one of the products made my heart race and I ended up in the ER. I have Mitral Valve Prolaspe and my doctor admonished me for taking this. I later learned ( after I stopped taking it ) that this is just a multilevel marketing scam like a pyramid scheme. Snake oil.

  • ukjulie - Minor set up glitch with iPad but great product.

    I just received this product yesterday. I tried setting it up using my iPad but ran into a problem downloading the Kasa app. Customer service was really helpful and told me to download the iPhone app to my iPad. It worked perfectly and only took a couple of minutes to set up. Now I can ask Alexa to turn on my living room lamps! So happy with this product.

  • Bubbajim - iHealth BP monitor

    I totally love this dock and the app. they work very well together to create the perfect monitoring system. If you need to monitor your blood pressure for any reason this is a must have. It is quick and easy to use and the results are stored right on your device to share with your doctor.

  • Roy Orosco - gorgeous

    This book is absolutely gorgeous and I'm enjoying reading it nightly with my daughter. Does throw me.off a bit because its UK English and not US English (they are not the same). Overall, the stories are still great and the illustrations are wonderfully done.