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Feline Cancer Resources - This is a Web site for the cats and their loving ones who are fighting, or have fought, various forms of cancer.

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  • Joe Mercer - THE BEST OF THE BEST

    I've been using GPS programs for many years. I have used both on dash and laptop computer programs. The DeLorme Street Atlas program is the best GPS mapping program period. Nothing is better. And, it is very inexpensive. If you have a laptop computer you can have the best Travel Atlas program in existence for about $50.00. It comes with a GPS antennae which lays on your dash and hooks up to the usb port in your computer. It only works on Windows but if you have a Mac you can use VMware Fusion and run it your Mac. I also have a Garmin 2557 which is very good. But planning a trip on the DeLorme is much faster and you can see so much more detail. Click on your start location on the map or just type it in, then click on your destination or just type it in (on your full size keyboard-not hunt and peck on a tiny screen) and then Pick up one or more "VIAs" from the tool bar and place those anyplace you want in order to make the trip go exactly where you want to go. That's it! As you travel you have a full color moving map display the size of your laptop screen and it shows how many miles to your next waypoint, time to waypoint, time and miles to destination and much, much more. For flexibility, ease of planning and situational awareness you just can't beat it.

  • MANU S. - Fun for kids and Grown Ups

    Cozmo is finally here. My son and I played hours of Anki OverDrive and this was a must purchase! My son is 7 and he loves to play with it for hours. I give him the iPad and Cozmo and he is off in another world with his new robot buddy. Then when he's done, I boost Cozmos brain by playing some of the tougher games and activities so when my son gets to him again, he's smarter and continues to amaze. We've also had Cozmo recognize everyone in the house and some of our friends. It's nice to turn him on and have him look at me and say, "Dada". Hahaha. So awesome.

  • Jinju Nahidi - I like this version because it's a blend of american and ...

    This stuff works. It gives me that extra boost without the crash. I like this version because it's a blend of american and red ginseng.

  • Sean Horvath - Miracle Product

    new rebuild 1965 289 ford stroked to 331 dripped at rear main seal--shop replaced seal and still dripped; not much... but a nuisance--this STOPPED IT!!! one treatment after 6 hours of driving--no drips at all. Changed oil twice--still no drips--this is not a petroleum product and it won't turn your neoprene or rubber seals to mush

  • chapita - Great

    It really helps with taking my nursing test. I needed it for I class I was taking and it is a good book to help you on taking nclex question exams.

  • Chelsea - thumbs up

    My kids love putting fresh fruit in and not having to add ice or anything to their smoothies. I love the grinder for my coffee and egg shells. I dont use the juicer part. I actually threw it away.