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  • Elizabeth Arnold - I love it. 3 inches gone.

    I am a female power lifter and lift very heavy and do cardio. When I took this with good diet, I lost 3 inches around my stomach and could fit into some clothes I have not worn in close to a year. It is a great addition to normal dieting. I take one pill in the morning and one in the afternoon as I am sensitive to stimulants. I love it. However, if you are looking to sit on your ass and not do anything, not going to be your miracle. Work for your results.

  • Robleroy - Worst Floor Product Ever!

    This is the worst floor product I have ever used. My floor now looks worse than before using this. I had used the Rejuvenate Floor Restorer previously and it did a pretty good job, not the best product I ever used, but it was acceptable. Now that the shine was losing its luster, I thought using something from the same line of products would be a good idea to bring back some shine until I did a more thorough restoring job again. What a mistake. The Rejuvenate Refresher left the floor streaky and spotty and the places where the shine had not worn as much has lost even that shine. This product has left such a distaste with this company, I will now not even use the previous product, the restorer, I had before found acceptable

  • Sarah - I recently bought these for my 300mL cool mist diffuser

    I recently bought these for my 300mL cool mist diffuser. I was super disappointed to find out that they have extremely poor longevity. I've tried varying amounts of oil and I can never get the scent to last more than an hour or two, way before the water actually runs out in the diffuser. The scent is usually overwhelmingly strong at first and then becomes very dilute to the point where I can only faintly smell it when I'm smelling the mist directly. I've contacted Kis oils via email several times about this to see if this is normal but have never heard back. Such a disappointment especially after reading all the great reviews.

  • D. Francis - I'm now a believer!

    Take it every evening with a glass of water. I no longer have flatulence issues, my cholesterol (HDL) has dropped 30 points and my LDL has risen 15. The best part is going to the bathroom #2 is now a daily event and it cured the constipation and/or loose stool problems that used to plague my life. This box actually went to my 75 year old mother, who became hooked on DE when I introduced it to her a year ago. Her cardiologist is equally impressed with her bloodwork and she reports that her arthritis pain has improved tremendously. No I'm not a salesperson for DE. I'm still skeptical about Bigfoot and I don't do the holistic medicine bit, but this stuff works!

  • Lona Bang-Olsen - Good service on delivery / good product for wt loss

    The delivery was quick and Visalus protein powder works for me as a weight loss and energy product. I take it for breakfast and never get hungry.

  • Rexus - Great product!!

    I bought the facial scrub from my Giant Eagle and it was $23 but the body scrub that was much larger than 5 oz. was only $15. I dont think this price is really fair. But I found it to work wonders with my sensitive acne prone skin. And if you get any redness pair it with Neutrogenas deep clean cream cleanser.

  • Cajun Gourmet - This is the old dependable standard of cleaner of walls, painted surfaces, or almost anything...

    We no longer could find this product in our local area. We searched and found it here on Amazon.com and are glad. We have used this product for many years to clean greasy palm and fingerprints from light switches and covers, walls, doors, doorknobs, counters, and just about any surface. If you have children or grandchildren you need this cleaner.