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  • Vuecrest - This product is great, but not if you use phone over the ...

    This product is great, but not if you use phone over the internet service. Cox technicians told me incorrectly that I could use a splitter, and connect this for the internet, and my old cable model for VOIP. that was wrong.

  • Kindle Customer - Another banger

    I wish I could rate this book more then 5 stars!! Majesty is definitely Bae! I love the relationship him and Royal have. I'm glad Royal didn't let her past relationship with Chinx keep her from giving Majesty a try! I also love Destiny crazy tail her and Drake are made for each other. I can't wait to part 2!!!

  • Carly Christine - I love Blue!! but..............

    I hate to give this anything less than 5 stars simply because I am pro crazy hair colors and I love Blue so much. This is my first time however doing my own hair with such a bold and unique color and I intend on trying again and again til I achieve my beautiful blue. This however did not hold on my hair. I spots and my roots are brighter then ever with Blue. then the rest of my hair comes out looking gray which is not bad at all but the way its all looking on my hair looks messy and definitely looks like I ha dno idea what I was doing. I wet my hair this morning 2 days after I dyed it and blue just started drizzling down my face. If it was red I'd be a little freaked out. I wash my hair thoroughly so that may be the problem why it didnt stick. Also i put too much on my roots and had barely any left for the rest of my hair. But I conditioned it through. My front roots are all confused. They are either blonde, white or blue and I dont know how in the world they are not all blue since I wasted most of the dye on the front part. This brand is great with the colors and you need bleach blonde hair though to get the results and more then one box. I don't want pastel blue I want rich rich royal beautiful blue. So I will by 3 boxes in case. I will try again. Not sure of this brand but since its now available in my local store I might try it out again.

  • Missy Misemeanor - Skeptical, but...

    I bought this because I was looking for natural help for hair breakage which was leading to thinning hair in spots. Two months later, my hair is back to perfectly thick, my skin is much more moisturized (in the midst of the longest winter ever), and my eyes are less puffy.

  • Ms.Smarte Blonde - Very disappointed with Avast!2014!!! Got another AV

    I had Avast!Free for a year or two - no problem whatsoever. Paid for Avast!2013 $29.99 no problem whatsoever.

  • Mimiber - Great purchase - I will purchase again

    This product was a great price and I think works very well for my skin. I will purchase again when I run out this order.

  • Bright House Network User - Bright House Network User

    Just to help everyone out. The Motorola Surfboard SB 6121 is indeed compatible with Bright House Network service. I am running RR 7Mbps down and 512 Kbps up in Michigan.