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Young Foundational Health - Located in Largo FL, Young Foundational Health Center offers natural solutions to improve your health by treating the root of the issue

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  • http://www.youngfoundationalhealth.com/services/ozone-therapy-prp Ozone Therapy & P.R.P. - At Foundational Health Center, we have found Platelet Rich Plasma therapy (PRP) to be very successful for a number of our patients.
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  • Maddog - The device is very easy to use and has variable settings

    I purchased this device for my wife. She developed a very sore shoulder and was unable to get relief by using the various types of icy/heat rubs or a vibrating massager with heat. She received noticeable relief after the first use of this device. She has continued using over the last several days, fifteen minutes a day, and now has less discomfort and more mobility in her shoulder. The device is very easy to use and has variable settings.

  • IamPatSajak - Please read this before buying. I feel foolish for purchasing.

    I purchased this product at the mall yesterday, after a very friendly saleswoman chatted me up. I have bad skin, I'm lonely. I am just the kind of sucker they are looking for. She put the peel on my arm and it seems to peel off skin. In my head I said, it's probably just the product making those "peels" and not my skin. I purchased anyway, as you can barely get away from these people.. but I got out to my car, spread a drop of the product on a flat plastic surface, rubbed and I was right. It's not peeling your skin. The product coagulates and looks like peeled skin. Like Elmer's Glue. I have never been taken so easily and I could kick myself for the whole thing. The bottle that was in the box, has a broken/stuck pump so I can't even resell it on ebay or Amazon to the suckers who haven't figured out the trick yet.

  • Erica - Favorite planners, two years going

    Love these agendas. Perfect for me. They won't fit in every bag, but the ease of use for actual date keeping requires a slightly bigger size. Still, it is not as cumbersome as a teachers plan book, convenient sized enough to be very portable. It is very useful to have a block format calendar which allows you to see the month all at once, as well as a larger section where you can view a week at a time with plenty of room for notes. Also the hard cover is great to keep it from getting too battered over the course of the travels of the year. Pretty colors and designs to boot.

  • Pat A. Fisher - Softer, smoother skin.

    I saw these products at a mall and they wanted big bucks to buy them.. I found them here on Amazon for a fraction of the cost. I have less open pours and it leaves my skin so soft.. use it with the day cream. I hardly wear any make up since ive been using these products.

  • Reviews from the Heart - ... dangerous story that I couldn’t get enough of and loved reading! Michael isn’t a hero and doesn’t pretend ...

    This is a deliciously dark and dangerous story that I couldn’t get enough of and loved reading! Michael isn’t a hero and doesn’t pretend to be anything more than the jerk that he’s proud to be. He’s got a hard earned and well-deserved reputation for being the one even the worst of the worst call on whenever they need a difficult situation taken care of. He was abandoned by everyone that was supposed to care for him from birth and it’s shaped him into someone that people say has no soul. It’s hard not to fall for the guy when you hear everything he’s been through and no matter how tough he strives to appear on the outside, I found myself just wanting to give the guy a big hug since he’s so much more than he thinks he is. His most recent job has unfortunately put him in the middle of some pretty serious stuff going on and to say everything goes sideways in a big way is quite an understatement. Sofia is a cop and the polar opposite of Michael in every way possible. These two are the perfect example of the belief that opposites attract and I loved them together! This is a highly intriguing story filled with danger around every corner and I loved reading this! I highly recommend this to anyone to read and I look forward to much more from this author in the future.