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  • TopographicOceans - Read Every Page

    The book is well laid out and took me through every aspect of the application. I like these books because they take you step by step with practice lessons. I am Microsoft certified in Outlook, but still learned lots about the application, which is assisting me in being more efficient at work. I especially like the Conversation feature in Outlook that I was unaware of before reading how it works.

  • James K. Beard - Workable Backup Solutions, Executive Control of your Boot Drive

    Acronis backup solutions are user-configured. The configuration that works best for me keeps the total size of backup storage at about the size of the data on the boot drive. This allows me to use an inexpensive two-HD slow RAID on my desktop for backup. I had a boot disk failure last year and recovered 100% of the data on a bootable HD using Acronis, valid as of my last rotating backup.

  • Troy Edin - reset button light blinks off and on on the board ...

    reset button light blinks off and on on the board. Hopefully not a sign of a defective board. otherwise it is very stable and seems to work as advertised with OC

  • Leonardo_de_Jim - I've been using QuickBooks since 1998 and I HATE QUICKBOOKS!

    Wow, what can I say. I've been using QuickBooks since 1998 and I HATE QUICKBOOKS!!!! If there were some reasonable alternative I would be gone.