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  • Cestmoi - The FATHER of all disaster movies so far in terms of special effects and entertaining. + Some scenes with depth and emotion

    Of course, I had to suppress my logic while watching this in order to enjoy it completely. I mean there are quite a few illogical moments but they do not affect the entertaining value of this movie. The special effects are much superior to others of the same genre. They look real, spectacular and scary. There are some scenes with depth and emotion too. For example, the scenes where the rich paid billion of dollars to be hauled to safety while the poor were left behind.

  • ramon - it works but if u may have sensitive skin then ...

    it works but if u may have sensitive skin then this is not the right razor for u,,, massive razor bumps

  • Mariana Gorrin - NASAL ASPIRATOR

    This product is amazing. Very simple and easy to use. You hook one end to your vacuum clear hose (any size) and literally "vacuum" your baby's nose with the other end. It saved me lots of trips to the doctor because it prevents ear infections in babies. I highly recommend this product.

  • T. Dennis - Broke in a month, HORRIBLE customer service!

    I loved the NutriBullet when I got it, I used it every day. I purchased mine directly from their website. I even posted on my blog how awesome it was and recommended it to others. After having it about a month it sprung a leak, I had smoothie all over my counter and dripping down through the power base. I unplugged it and sent an email to customer service. I received no answer from them after three days so I tried to call them, after wading through a sea of voice prompts I finally received a message that said their customer service queue was full and to call back later - wow, no answer to email and they won't even take my calls.