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  • D. Marvin - Wholesome entertainment!

    Seriously, who doesn't like dancing?? And no one loves dancing more than kids. 2014 offers fewer songs than last year's edition (I think around 9-10 fewer), but it's still enough to keep young children satisfied. I have nieces that could dance to the same song for a week and not get tired of it; so variety probably isn't going to be your top concern unless you, as a parent, don't have a place where you can hide away from repetitive music! It's nice if parents DO want to join in or control the playlist, as the game has different menus and playlist options that are tailored specifically for them to use or that can be adapted for their children's use. This game doesn't do anything that the regular Just Dance can't; it runs on the same engine as the standard Just Dance game, and probably receives less attention than its parent game (just an observation based on the money spent on licensing music, etc.). But it is nice that they attempted to secure some tracks from very popular kids shows. Just Dance is still the best series of dancing games for standard home consoles, and this kids version is, as with their previous kid versions, a thoughtful and welcome addition to their pantheon of releases.

  • R.H. Smith - Impressive performance

    OK... generally I'm a "Gibbs-guy" (Gibbs Brand Lubricant) but Gibbs is hard to find and when you do, the shipping costs are prohibitive. So I tried a can of this stuff and I've got to admit, it's pretty impressive so far. Now the next time I make it to a local gun show where there's a Gibbs rep. selling my old stand-by, I WILL buy a can but until that happens I'll continue to use Slick 50.

  • joanna - Lovely

    I love these "Best American" books, and this one does not fall short. The shipper also sent it in the time frame they said they would.