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  • Faux - Best in the Industry.

    I've used this for freshwater, brackish, saltwater, and ponds since I entered the aquarium hobby in middle school. It's a formula you can't beat with a trusted name in the industry of aquarium chemicals. Only downside is the smell, so don't spill any on fabrics.

  • PMDD - Worse Smell Than the Urine

    I followed the directions reviewers gave here to use the stuff liberally then cover with plastic, wait several days etc. Barely budged the urine but I refused to repeat since the smell of the product itself is worse. It is sickly sweet, smells like the vet and you can't get rid of it. Now you have the smell of perfume over the urine. Its been two weeks now, I have all the windows open in the room all day in the dead of winter and I can still smell the stuff. I would advise using a small bit of it in a room to see if you are OK with the smell before you spill a gallon of it on your carpets.

  • BillBristolCT - Better than other anti virus programs.

    Just got a new computer with the "Mc" antivirus software free for 1 year. As a Norton user for many years, this has gotten better. I don't like the Mc software and will remove it and use my Norton until it expires. Free doesn't always mean better. A local store tried to sell me a free av software with a rebate equal to the price. You cannot convince me that the free software is just as good as the "pay for" software.

  • Mike B. - Versace/Versus Blue Jean

    This is truly my signature fragrance, I have been using the colonge for almost 10 years goes great at any time of day. The Versus logo is owned by the Versace label (look it up yourself). Because it is an old fragrance it was moved under the Versus label for their cheaper colognes. Any how still is the same quality and smell as if it still had the versace label.

  • Lewis B Robinson - A must for Honda Accord Owners from 2008-2012

    Really awesome upgrade to the 2008- 2012 accord line. I looked on YouTube to see other people installing it, and I tried it myself. Took me a few hours buts its not that hard. I did get a customs place to put in a wired backup camera for me, because doing that was a bit much for me. Love the unit, and it makes my 2011 accord feel really premium.

  • Steven - The picture is so clear

    I bought this monitor to replace my old one and its a very tight fit. I love how clear everything is too. I had a slight problem with this because it has no sound output. I contacted Amazon and I was able to get a little back for the inconvenience and had to get a HD sound splitter and now I have sound so it is even better. I have no complaints and I've had it for over 6 months

  • Jase - UPDATE: Fan Running and High Pitched

    I just received the Chromebook today and the fan is much, much louder than I anticipated and is high pitched. I can easily hear the fan every time a new tab is opened, and it almost seems to be running continuously. I don't think I'm being overly picky or unreasonable. I've had the same Macbook since 2008 and don't expect the fan to be completely silent, but so many reviews said you could barely hear the fan and that certainly is not the case with the Chromebook I received.