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Wasbruk - Twoje stacje benzynowe - Zobacz gdzie znajdują się nasze stacje paliw, zobacz jakie usługi oferujemy, dowiedz się o paliwach, myjniach wypożyczalni przyczep motelach aby skorzystać z usług Wasbruk.

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City: 21.0362 , Poland

  • stanislau - Dont waste your money with this

    Have used the hairmax laser comb advanced 7 for almost 4 months, and hair didnt got better in any way... Im just 28 years old with middle hair loss, and this was a complete waste of 330... Thanks god there are products that work well for me, like Lipogaine! Finaly I found something worth the money and have a head full of healthy hair now!

  • pato - Good reading.

    Enjoyed this book. A lot of history,to be learned. A very sad time in the building of our country. These people made it possible to live the life we have now.

  • B. Tackett - I really like the RayBan Aviator Sunglasses

    I really like the RayBan Aviator Sunglasses. This is the second pair that I have purchased from Amazon. They appear to be genuine and came in original packaging. They seem a little tighter than my first pair, but they are still ok. Just make sure to check the sizing before you order and after you receive them.

  • FLRoadman - Great for Macbook Pro 2010

    Purchased this for a Mid-2010 Macbook Pro that was giving me many beach balls lately. I took my new SSD drive and installed it into a USB/SATA drive holder 

  • Patty - Fabulous!

    We are really enjoying this waffle maker. We used the recipe in the book. It is all you need for breakfast! Very filling and yummy!

  • Keith - Great software, terrible service, terrible value

    I've used Peachtree since the mid 90s, and can easily endorse it as great software. But the recent changes at Sage have made it a terrible value! If you want to use payroll, get any updates, etc. the annual fee is now $879 per year. And they lock the payroll service if you don't pay that fee - you cannot cut a payroll check without paying them the $879 annual fee. In past versions you could manually update tax tables and use payroll without any issues. With the release of 2013 they changed that, and then this summer announced that tax table updates would now cost $879 annually. So pay it, or no payroll function.

  • K. Schulz - Carbonated Tea Plus!

    My mom & I like carbonated waters, unsweetened with just a touch of flavor. However, Faygo or La Croix waters add up and it mostly seems really silly to buy fizzy water. We both use our Sodastreams to carbonate the water & usually add a splash of lemon/lime, flavored extracts (I like orange or coconut the best--just a splash!) or even a bag of herbal tea & let the tea cold brew for several hours to overnight. Lemon zinger is the best by far if you like iced tea. The fizz just gives it a kick for something a little "different." The initial investment for the machine plus bottles is a bit pricey but even with replacing the carbonator we still figure we're saving a lot of money. A carbonator lasts me on average 6 weeks. With trade a tank a new one runs me $15. It's a great product. I love it. The soda flavors are "ok." But I seldom drink them as I try to stay away from the fake sweeteners anyway.