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Voces de Oro - Radio Play Internacional, te da la bienvenida al Top Play, te vamos a dar unas pautas para que puedas elegir al ganador del mes... 1) Arriba estan tus...

  • http://www.vocesdeoro.com/index.php/voces-de-oro TopPlay - Los Vo’s , Voces de Oro, es la gala de reconocimientos a los artistas nacionales e internacionales que han contribuido con su música y talento en acti...

    Country:, Europe, DE

    City: 8.5836 Hesse, Germany

  • Amanda - www.annandaamanda.myitworks.com ITWORKS

    WAYYY overpriced on amazon and could even be expired ! To ensure the highest quality be sure to buy from an itworks distributor where you are gaureenteed good products , I get mine for www.annandaamanda.myitworks.com ! You get a discount for becoming a loyal costomer and earn perk points ! Or you can simply buy one. If you have any questions you can ask them at the listed website !

  • Jeremy Brown, UT - These are great. I bought two of them

    These are great. I bought two of them. One supports a 70" Visio 4K tv and the other supports a 75" Samsung 4K tv. Both tv's are over 100lbs. The only trouble I ran into was that the bracket is held together int he middle by 4 screws and bolts. I found that this left the bracket very slightly off level. You will want to check and recheck level with a much longer level than the one that comes with the support to make sure your larger tv is level on the wall. This was not a huge issue, and the product is otherwise fantastic!

  • Arthur N McGillem - Four Stars

    Works as promised; however I found that the Wallet seems to conflict with Lastpass with Internet Explorer 11.

  • Firesideecs - It's funny how most of the "less than positive" reviews are ...

    It's funny how most of the "less than positive" reviews are by disgruntled husbands. Could it be your wife spent more than $2.50 on something that would make her housework quicker, easier and more efficient???