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  • Chamari - Yeessssssse

    I loved it man i don't know which brother is bae i love em all lol but you did that boo this serious is so bomb...........

  • J. Au - Great product

    So far I've used this for my dry scalp (don't get confused with dandruff especially during the winter). I had some big flakes that I thought were dandruff till I researched it. Then I saw several recommendations for tea tree oil and saw this on amazon. Gave it a try since it was cheap. I did try by putting a couple drops of this oil plus a small container of water which they sell @ walmart for a $1 or so. It worked okay, but, the thing is you have to constantly do it. I guess my scalp was pretty dry. I also tried it on my pimple and I read you have to put a drop on your finger and dab it on your pimple. Works not bad too. The only thing is, I prefer coconut as it works faster than the tea tree for my dry scalp. Cleared up my flaking by massaging the coconut oil (cold pressed) into my scalp and in one day, my flaking was reduced by 75% and by the next day, about 90%. Days to follow it cleared it up and I didn't have dry itchy scalp. Sorry, just saying even though it's not about this product.

  • Amazon Customer - Interesting Theories

    Very interesting info, covering a lot of pagan rituals, origins and theories. At times it appeared the author may be trying to indoctrinate the readers into pagan beliefs. So the reader needs to keep in mind the author is really supporting and promoting Christianity. He is simply pointing out the many ways and belief systems the rest of the uninformed world is mislead by, lost in, or confused by. Seems a very well researched book, with many surprising points.

  • Mark J. Hoolihan - Ben Dover

    At first my child liked it, and sent through a Ken Doll, then a Peter Pan and GI Joe. But when we tried to send Dora through the toy just wouldn't function. I tried the troubleshooting directions, and they said to keep trying, it's just procedural. Same with Mulan, Princess Tiana and Lilo. Hmmm, maybe it's gender biased?