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Urgent Care Plantation FL, Fort Lauderdale | Urgent Medical Center - Urgent Care Plantation FL. Urgent Medical Center offers patient care, children and adult vaccinations, immigration exams and more. Stop in today!

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  • Amazon Customer - Costly but I Definitely see improvement

    Next week will be 3 months since I started using HairMax. I waited because I wanted to be sure if it was working or not. First of all let me say that I am a woman with thinning hair in the front, at the hairline and to about halfway back (around my ears but on top, not on the sides). My mother has VERY thin hair to where you can see her scalp all the time all over her head, and I appear to be going that same direction so I was willing to do about anything to stop the hair loss, not to mention regrow some hair. When I bought this product it had not been tested on women so there wasn't much information for me to go on, plus it was pretty pricey but like I said, I'd have tried just about anything. I'm not a particularly disciplined person and I'd say I've used it between 3-5 times a week. I'm not going over my whole head...just the areas of concern and that only takes a few minutes per treatment.

  • Amazon Customer - Practice tests 2 and 3, especially 3, repeat ...

    Practice tests 2 and 3, especially 3, repeat many of the same questions as the old red book. Not what I was hoping for, but the questions from practice test 1 are essential for practice, since they are updated and come straight from ACT Inc.

  • Judy Smith - So Far Not Amazing

    Based on reviews I read, I expected to see a remarkable difference immediately. I was disappointed. I wash my face morning and night and exfoliate daily then apply the product. Four days in and nothing. Still having to use coconut oil to moisturize.

  • jlhfore - I like the way I feel

    I have become a big fan of the Zija Product. I feel better and maintain my energy levels thru the day much better.

  • Valerie - After i got this i had to buy a 4 channel zuess lol

    I just want to say that this amp is awesome. I have it pushing 2 12' kicker cvr. The amp i had before was rated 2200 watts. but this amp 1800 is by far the best amp ive gotten. Thank you and i hope this helps with your decision

  • Shafiq Ali Mohammed - Just love it !!!

    it made our trip the most relaxing and wonderful. Instead of wondering where to make pit stops and restrooms and the gas stations for RV's; we got all the information in this book all along the journey.