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Texas Health Care - TX Health Care was founded to allow doctors to be doctors. We work with 150+ physicians to deliver exceptional care, to every patient, every single time.

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  • Stephen Baal - You are paying for a Placebo Effect

    This product is simply overpriced echinacha (you can buy the identical product for about $2-3). The effect of appetite stimulation if most likely a placebo effect -- but worry not. Legitimate science has illustrated that the placebo effect can work even when you know it's a placebo. If you are looking at this product you probably struggle with weight issues, as did I. I bought this item knowing full well it will probably not have a dramatic effect. Regardless, owning the bottle and taking it every day helped me maintain personal motivation to work toward my weight gain and heath goal.

  • SUSAN PETERSON - Reinventing oneself

    Evelyn's safe, comfortable life is ripped apart one night, and the deception and secrets that are revealed send her into a downward spiral. This compelling drama takes the reader along with Evelyn as she seeks to find truth, justice, and revenge on those who have hurt and betrayed her. She is forced to come to terms with who she is, and who she really wants to be. Evelyn is a great protagonist; complex, full of self-doubt, but with a strength and courage that she didn't realize she had inside of her. The story is fraught with tension, compelling and intriguing.

  • Just Nise - Concept good, not so awesome for clumsies

    Yes, I get the concept. I was intrigues, that's why I bought it. But really, it makes a mess and how many of us have a flat surface that isn't right on the same damn work space where you are probably brewing your soon to be Awesome cup of joe. Eh. I think the concept is cool. If you are stealthier, monitor your soaking time, and aren't a clumsy arse like me, then this could be for you. Even at a few bucks, it wasn't for me. Not a thing I'd get again for me or others.

  • Jeffrey M. - Works great, perfect fit!

    I've been using these for several months and they hold up nicely. There are a few spots where something has spilled and burned on them, and it has changed the finish but it's really not that noticeable. They look a lot nicer, for longer than the aluminum looking ones. They fit my stove perfectly, too!

  • C. S. Garcia - my class ended up discarding this!

    does not provide enough space for all meds, it's bulky and does not provide the same space in all meds categories, cards are from cheap paper and end up breaking easily from the binder with some use, i bought this because it was required by my school program and a couple months into the semester; and due to students' complains, we ended up creating our own med cards and discarding the maxi learn cards.

  • Mart T - Best bed bug killer for the money

    we had bed bug infestation in our house and we tried other products which did not work, we googled and found this product at Amazon and Home depo, we end up buying from Amazon because of two days delivery. We religiously used it in our house for two weeks and we have not seen any bedbug since then. We bought an extra gallon for safe keeping just in case they appear again. I will recommend this product if you have any bedbug infestation or think you have.

  • Ryan Beaty - Great Product

    Easy to install, look great, excellent coverage, easy to clean. Seller was easy to work with as well. Won't go without these again.