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Thye Shan Medical Hall - Traditional Chinese Medicine in Singapore - Thye Shan Medical Hall - Provider of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) products including tonics, herbs, supplements, medicated oils and herbal tea, and Chinese Physician services.

  • http://www.thyeshan.com.sg/about_us.php About Us - Thye Shan Medical Hall | TCM - Thye Shan Medical Hall has a long history and rich heritage in the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) scene and is a part Chinatown’s living history.
  • http://www.thyeshan.com.sg/products/precious_herbs.php Products - Thye Shan Medical Hall | TCM | Precious Herbs & Tonics - Get quality herbal remedies, cures and Chinese medicines from Thye Shan Medical Hall, including herbs & tonics such as Cordyceps, Birds Nest, Ginseng & Lingzhi.
  • http://www.thyeshan.com.sg/products/thye_shan_series.php Products - Thye Shan Medical Hall | Thye Shan Series | Aches & Pains | Medicated Oils & Balms - Herbal oils & balms to relieve aches, pains, inflammation and bruises for sufferers of arthritis, rheumatism, joint problems, muscle aches, sprains and insect bites.
  • http://www.thyeshan.com.sg/products/pin_li_series.php Products - Thye Shan Medical Hall | Pin Li Series | Aches & Pains | Medicated Oils & Balms - Thye Shan’s Pin Li Medicated Oils and Balms are herbal products that provide effective and long-lasting relief for joint pains, back pains and arthritis.
  • http://www.thyeshan.com.sg/products/herbal_tea.php Products - Thye Shan Medical Hall | Herbal Tea - Thye Shan Herbal Teas are brewed from quality Chinese herbs in a HACCP-certified factory. No added preservative, artificial colouring or flavouring.
  • http://www.thyeshan.com.sg/products/health_supplement.php Products - Thye Shan Medical Hall | Health Supplements | Herbal Supplements - Thye Shan has developed health supplements made from premium Chinese herbs to nourish the body. They enhance blood circulation, improve vitality and restore Qi.
  • http://www.thyeshan.com.sg/products/others.php Products - Thye Shan Medical Hall | Wholesale Products | TCM - Thye Shan Medical Hall is the exclusive distributor of many quality TCM products like herbal medicated oils, herbal analgesic plasters and pain relief creams.
  • http://www.thyeshan.com.sg/services.php Services - Thye Shan Medical Hall | TCM | Physician | Herbalist | Acupuncture - Qualified Chinese Physicians provide treatment, acupuncture, tui-na and cupping. Professional Herbalists use quality Chinese herbs to prepare herbal medicines.
  • http://www.thyeshan.com.sg/promotions.php Events and Promotions - Thye Shan Medical Hall | VIP Member Discounts - Be a VIP Member of Thye Shan and enjoy exclusive discounts off Tonics, Precious Herbs and Chinese Medicines such as Cordyceps, Birds Nest and Ginseng.
  • http://www.thyeshan.com.sg/contact_us.php Contact Us - Thye Shan Medical Hall | TCM | Chinatown | Singapore - Visit Thye Shan Medical Hall at New Bridge Road (Chinatown), South Bridge Road (Chinatown) and The Verge (Little India), Singapore, for all your TCM needs.

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  • Henry - Loooove it!

    Just got it in the mail today. The packaging was nice and easy, and the case looks better than it does online. Putting on the case was very easy, just snap it in and bam, you're done. The case looks very nice and sleek, I love all of the precise cut outs, and the power/volume buttons are very nicely done. The only thing I don't like about this case is removing it from my iPhone, that was a hassle and I pretty much had to pry it out of the case for a good 2 minutes, afraid it would slip out since I had to use so much force. Other than that, this case is awesome!

  • avidreader - Howler of a pun

    Virgil's cases are getting to be a bit formulaic, but I love the formula. I totally approve of who got revenge and who got justice. This book, heavily larded with Xanax, is one of the funniest in the series, mainly because the criminal activity is so zombie-like. Sandford's wry comedic comments and picturesque supporting characters enliven a plot that would be deadly handled as a serious serial-killer mystery. I note that Sandford is now living in New Mexico. Is there hope for a series of the adventures of a Navaho detective?

  • Angelinapar - Great product for a small price.

    Works great, the software setup can be a little tricky on Windows XP but reading the reviews I found all the help.

  • Shana - Sharp Boots, Literally

    Good boots overall but oddly twice I have managed to puncture my finger when lacing them on the upper most post. Wouldn't be surprised for a recall.

  • tyler - Kava is a great way to transition off of bad medications

    I was on a benzo based medication for a while and I did not like the fact that your body builds a tolerance and they basically dope you up even more. This stuff gives a similar feeling. The kavalactones are NOT water soluble, so for the negative reviews......they may or may not read this but try drinking it with milk or coconut milk or any fatty liquid. It will not be absorbed as well without the presence of a lipid during consumption. I personally opened up the capsules and mixed half and half along with chocolate milk. I think the flavor works incredibly well with creamy chocolate. People say its gross and bitter, but I drink black coffee every morning so, I'm one of those weirdos that isn't effected by the taste. Anywho, cheers everyone! I hope it works well for you.