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  • MrsChristmas - Success!!!

    Granted, I have only had this for a few days. I see a HUGE difference. I am 51. I am thinking I started using it at the right age. I have used it where I have seen aging. 1. Eyes they are now more lifted at the brow, and tighter at the corners. 2. Smile lines a much less defined. 3. Neck and throat area, tightened and lines are diminishing. 4. Sternum, skin is definitely less wrinkled. 5. My hands look rejuvenated, and to me look 10 years younger. My complexion is sensitive, instead of using their Dead Sea cream or serum they sent, I do my normal routine. I almost didn't buy this because some people's reviews on here were less than positive. I am hoping to remember to come back and report later the benefits of this. I would definitely recommend this product.

  • hawkeye376 - good universal design

    Mount was designed to fit just about any screw mount pattern imaginable. The parts bag had everything you could think of, and sorted into labeled compartments making it easy to find the parts you needed to use for your application. The instructions were fair, mostly pictures. I had no trouble figuring it out.

  • Alfred S. Thornton - The show made you happy and then it made you sad

    Well, this is hard. Even knowing about the time paradox, I still wanted Berry to succeed. I sure there is a time that everyone wants to change. The show made you happy and then it made you sad! How do I get us to the new crew?!

  • Jesse Miller - Better than American Crew Fiber

    I originally bought this product as a quick replacement until I could buy more Fiber. i wasn't expecting much. I was definitely surprised. This product offers the same hold and matte finish of fiber for about 1/3 of the price. This product also leaves the hair feeling natural while still maintaining hold.

  • Mogulmeister - BEWARE....Sage50 software is Hostageware

    Through various companies I have been involved with, I have been a continuous user of Peachtree/Sage software since 1997 (almost 20 years). While the underlying software is good enough, what's happened since Sage took control is that they have taken away your ability to maintain the software's tax tables by yourself, let alone use the payroll function unhindered. The software now will only get updated through its maintenance agreement, which is INCREDIBLY expensive and is not included in the purchase price of the software itself. If you don't pay the annual maintenance cost, the software quickly becomes useless both because you can't update the payroll tax tables, and also because the payroll function stops working without the current year's maintenance agreement. Sage has crossed a line with exerting this level of control over how the software is used by customers unless they pay up--and pay up dearly!

  • fmac - Excellent Bike

    Assembly was intuitive, all the tools needed were provided. No pedals are shown in the picture but they are included. I had the derailers adjusted at a shop for around 30$ - you'll probably want to have this done - once complete it rode perfectly.

  • C.W. - Enjoy using it

    I have the BOB Revolution SE, a Chicco Keyfit 30, and this adapter. They all work great together. I hear the same two clicks when I click the carseat into the base and into this adapter. My only issue is that I can only halfway close the stroller with this adapter in it. I have a big SUV so it wasn't ever a huge issue for me to only halfway close the stroller. However, I have a friend who also has a BOB, a Chicco Keyfit 30, and this adapter, she has not had the same problem.