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The Guildhall & Barrow Surgery | A Traditional NHS General Practice… - The Guildhall and Barrow Surgery is an established NHS General Practice providing high quality primary medical care services for Bury St Edmunds & the surrounding area. The Doctors operate a personal list system

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  • Benjamin J. Stevens - It is what it is

    It is exhaustive, extensive, excellent, and probably a bunch of other e-words. It gives prospective students the low-down and has more information than you will easily find on most schools' websites. On the otherhands, some of the schools are missing info in this packet, which is frustrating. This is a must-have when trying to pick which schools to apply to.

  • T.H. - This stuff is the best. I've been using it for 13 years and ...

    This stuff is the best. I've been using it for 13 years and I still can't find anything better. Paired with a microfiber towel (I use one specifically designed for glass), it works wonders. I clean the inside and outside with this and it really makes the glass "invisible."

  • Stephanie B. - Get the system pieces YOU want and level of protection YOU want, NO CONTRACTS

    I'm not a big review writer, but after the excellent performance of this system during a break-in this morning, I felt compelled to write. We bought our system directly from the SimpliSafe website. Sorry for the lengthiness. I highly recommend you go to the SimpliSafe website to read about each piece, the optional monitoring services, etc. It has much more information than Amazon.

  • Stampin' K Thomas - Heating Element flaking onto food!!

    Actually I loved it, but within a week I noticed black flakes of something coming off onto my food. After examining the unit, I noticed that the heating element has a black coating, like paint or something, and it was all peeling. Yuck! Not something I want to ingest. I reported it to Amazon and they graciously gave me a refund. My kids bought one from a local store and are having the same issue, so I don't think I'll order another one at this time. Maybe down the road I'll try one again, after they've had a chance to "fix" this issue!! I loved cooking with it and the foods tasted so good, so I'm really bummed.

  • Alyssa Bucaro - Best book ever

    Oh my gosh. I just finished the book and I was stuck on it the entire day. I suggest this book for fifth graders through ninth graders. There is a strong sense of friendship and family in the book. The book is really amazing v

  • Sarah - Hair products

    My hair is fine and thin. So for me. I do not want products that have things in them that take away and uses things that are not natural .

  • Mr. Mud Maker - Get Pampers or be ready to hug some doody

    The pampers swaddlers are our diaper of choice. They are easy to put on our son, they stay in place and don't ride low or ride up. The doody is contained within the diaper even with all the movement and kicking that he tends to do. the wetness indicator is a nice touch though I don't think it's needed as you can tell when he has peed or made stool as the absorbent material swells. We have tried other brands (all the big names and costco) and have had leaky and/or exploded business with all of them. Pampers is what we will stick with. They have a light scent and are compressed a bit when you take them out of the package so we leave them out of the package in a cupboard and the light scent dissipates quickly. (the scent is not unpleasant). All in all I am very happy with this product and would recommend them to anyone.