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  • http://www.theexaminingroom.com/2014/11/the-inherent-badness-of-refinement/ The Inherent Badness of Refinement - The Examining Room of Dr. Charles - ~ I had an interesting conversation with a psychologist friend of mine who specializes in treating sexual addictions. She did not tell me anything interesting in terms of specific cases, practices, or titillating bedroom details, but rather piqued my awareness
  • http://www.theexaminingroom.com/2014/10/we-should-construct-specialized-ebola-facilities-in-the-us-now/ We Should Construct Specialized Ebola Facilities in the US. Now. - The Examining Room of Dr. Charles - The US should be ready to build facilities, akin to what the military has been setting up in West Africa – specialized Ebola hospitals with moon suits, free-flowing bleach solutions, and brave healthcare workers who have been properly trained, and
  • http://www.theexaminingroom.com/2014/09/low-carb-versus-low-fat-diets-and-how-my-hdl-went-up-20-points/ Low Carb Versus Low Fat Diets, and How My HDL Went Up 20 Points - The Examining Room of Dr. Charles - Low Carb Versus Low Fat Diets; which is better for weight loss? Fat is not the enemy.
  • http://www.theexaminingroom.com/2014/08/obamas-foreign-policy-is-linked-to-a-healthy-restrained-immune-system/ Obama’s Foreign Policy Is Linked to a Healthy, Restrained Immune System - The Examining Room of Dr. Charles - With 58% of Americans disapproving of Obama’s foreign policy, mounting Ebola virus deaths, and flu season around the corner, I think it is important to synthesize an overlapping theme between how our country fights perceived threats, and how our bodies
  • http://www.theexaminingroom.com/2014/03/if-you-dont-look-for-it-you-will-miss-it/ If You Don't Look For It, You Will Miss It - The Examining Room of Dr. Charles - Death leaves an invisible silence, a wrenching disappearance of love’s voice and presence. Your father held you in your first moments, poured his love and life into your cup, and told stories that created a fabled purpose from the dull
  • http://www.theexaminingroom.com/2013/11/is-thanksgiving-actually-a-misguided-holiday/ Is Thanksgiving Actually a Misguided Holiday? - The Examining Room of Dr. Charles - I used to think of Thanksgiving as the supremely humble, agenda-less holiday most deserving of our celebration. As an American adaptation of harvest festivals found in other cultures, it seems at once natural, secular, and modest. Yet as I called
  • http://www.theexaminingroom.com/2013/10/food-truck-examining-room-an-evolving-concept/ Food Truck Examining Room, an Evolving Concept - The Examining Room of Dr. Charles - Given that our health care system has become a bloated carcass of once honorable intentions, I think a fundamental redesign of the examining room is in order.  For beyond the doctor and patient, the physical room which contains their ebullient
  • http://www.theexaminingroom.com/about/ About – The Examining Room of Doctor Charles - Welcome. The Examining Room of Dr. Charles is a blog about life in medicine.  I write about medical news, clinical studies, and curious bits of knowledge.  In addition to joining real-time conversations about select medical items and current scientific events, I
  • http://www.theexaminingroom.com/disclaimer/ Disclaimer - The Examining Room of Dr. Charles - (thank you to Kevin MD for framework) I’m sorry for this… did you know lawyers were once paid by the word? Terms of Use Agreement This Terms of Use Agreement (this “Agreement”) is entered into by and between the author
  • http://www.theexaminingroom.com/2012/05/the-dangers-of-fracking-for-natural-gas/ The Dangers of Fracking for Natural Gas - The Examining Room of Dr. Charles - I’d like to post an email I received from a friend: Hello All, I am writing this letter to you because I am truly fearful for our country, my own children and their children. The only way that I can think of
  • http://www.theexaminingroom.com/2012/11/organic-foods-nutritious-safe-still-life/ Organic Foods - Are They More Nutritious, Safe, or Worthy of Still Life Paintings? - The Examining Room of Dr. Charles - I’ve been feeling a bit more skeptical of the supposed benefits of “organic” foods lately. It’s hard to imagine any greater purity as I watch this fruit in a bowl on my kitchen counter top – a sad modern still
  • http://www.theexaminingroom.com/2011/05/infant_thermometers/ What is the Best Type of Thermometer for Infants? - The Examining Room of Dr. Charles - A fever in an infant can be the first sign of an illness. While a rise in body temperature above 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit is part of a healthy immune system response, it does signal potential danger and need for further
  • http://www.theexaminingroom.com/2013/01/boycott_the_superbowl/ Top 7 Health Reasons to Boycott the Superbowl - The Examining Room of Dr. Charles - You’ve probably watched the Super Bowl as I have many times, faithfully, elevating the occasion to some kind of macabre family tradition. It is a spectacle of athletic agility, drama, and struggle; the pinnacle of American sporting contests. Despite the
  • http://www.theexaminingroom.com/2013/07/vomiting-diarrhea-and-our-place-in-the-universe/ Vomiting, Diarrhea, and Our Place in the Universe - The Examining Room of Dr. Charles - I’m not sure I can live up to the promise of this post, but as I crouched naked on my hand and knees this weekend, crippled in the 6th hour of profuse diarrhea and vomiting, a few thoughts came to
  • http://www.theexaminingroom.com/lydias-uniforms-coupons/ 9 Lydias Uniforms Coupon Codes: $5-75 Off or Free Shipping – 2016 - Coupons for Lydia’s Uniforms for $5 to $75 discount or free shipping on your order of scrubs, nursing shoes and uniforms plus today’s clearance sale
  • http://www.theexaminingroom.com/wall-street-journal-coupons/ Wall Street Journal Coupon: 50% Off WSJ Print + Digital Subscription - Coupons for The Wall Street Journal Print & Digital Plus subscription online at WSJ.com – Get a discount of 50% on The Journal or Barron’s Magazine

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  • LADYTECH - Not for big screen TV's I dunno!

    Ok, so could it be that I'm watching it on a 65'TV? I wasn't expecting much because it is an old game, but for God sakes! The gun is a bit difficult to maneuver so when he played he preferred the controller. Well anyhow my grandson loves the gun and that's basically where I got my moneys worth.

  • Motoyukyuk - Love this thing! Works great and easy to setup and use!

    Using this for a week now and I love it! I've used in my house to stream music through my home theater system, but I primarily use it in my car. Setup was very simple. Pairing the receiver with my phone (Samsung S4) took less than a minute. Plugged it into my aux. jack in my car and turned it on with a 5 second press of the power button. It has a nice chime to let you know the device is on. The blue light blinks at different speeds to signify the setting that it is currently on (pairing vs. connected). Also the light shows both blue and red when on and charging. Music and GPS commands are perfectly clear and loud. Easily switches to incoming calls while pausing my music. Calls are clear for both myself and people on the other end. The up/down buttons are easy to use and skip between songs effortlessly.

  • malewizard - Great Protection with very minimal complaints

    Over the years I have used almost all of the major Anti-virus (all encompassing title for Antivirus, anti-phishing,anti Trojan etc.)There are a few that will stand out in great protection,but will bog down your speed to where that nice new computer with the best processing speed and huge capacity of ram ,will seem like its stuck in the water. Thankfully Kaspersky doesn't do that all the time. It happens briefly during your first few days or weeks until it "learns" what you want to allow straight through your ports and what you want to check quite carefully. I'd give this 4 stars only because I don't have one specific title who has made me absolutely "love it",including the ever popular Eset brand (which use to be a Bi#@h to get off your system once it was installed). They all do basically the same thing,but at different levels.Most of the time just being wise to shifty emails,websites connected to less than stellar ads of free scans (as in "Hey you have a virus,we just discovered it,now go here and download this fix for 289.95 and we will get rid of it for you!"...yeah do it and you WILL have a virus FROM THEM!