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  • Kris - so I have to say I loved the writing very much and will definitely going back ...

    First, I'll admit that this is my first Kate Serine book, so I have to say I loved the writing very much and will definitely going back to read previous books. Safe from Harm is a romantic suspense, but its more than that. It's the story of two people, both who have cared deeply for the other, finally figuring it out and trying to find a way to make it work, while also handling other heavy stuff.

  • D Woz - Great so far once I fixed the low battery issue

    Make sure you connect the "C" wire when you hook up the device. Even if not currently used, you will need to connect the blue wire to the furnace as well as to the "C" port on the device. This allows for the unit to charge as needed. Otherwise the device will only be able to draw power to charge itself when the furnace/AC unit is running. So if you have periods of inactivity when the heat or AC isn't on, your battery may run low. And the first thing your unit will do is disconnect from the Internet if battery is running low.

  • cziese - Maybe This IS The Most Important Health Discovery Ever

    I was given this book by a friend, who had one of the earthing products in her home and sold the products as a sideline venture. After reading just the opening pages, I knew there was something to this! To all who understand that the universe is vibrational in nature, and have an appreciation that Native cultures, yogis, etc. have to our connection to the Earth, the premises of the book make perfect sense. Since the middle of the 20th century, several things have happened to cut off our vibrational connection to the Earth: 1)we hardly ever go barefoot anymore; 2) the shoes that we wear no longer have leather soles, but predominately have rubber soles (even our leather-soled shoes have a rubber insulation layer); and 3) we are rarely in direct contact with the earth producing food or enjoying other outdoor activities. As a result, we are literally disconnected from the Earth for the first time in history. This is important on two fundamental levels. First, we do not receive the electrons from the Earth that historically neutralized the free radicals floating around in our body. These are the same free radicals that cause all sorts of inflammatory diseases such as auto-immune diseases, arthritis, cancer, autism, back pain, fibromalgia, multiple sclerosis, sciatica, sleep apnea,clumping together of our red blood cells resulting in high blood pressure, etc. Second, a lack of connection to the Earth results in a breakdown of our circadian cycles, leading to improper melatonin release (poor sleep) and serotonin release. Earthing brings these cycles and our electron balance back into normalcy. Having now slept on my Earthing sheet for a few weeks, I am sleeping better than I have in years and feel great.