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  • Cellar - Kinda disappointed

    in ths book. I had seen where Mr. Hitchcock had written several books and I'm always looking for good Christian authors. I was not impressed with "2012 The Bible and the End of the World. I didn't even finish reading it, maybe if I had I would have liked it more. In my opinion, a book should grab my attention by the end of the 1st chapter, and this one didn't. Needless to say, I won't be buying any more of Mr. Hitchcok's booksl

  • D. Hudspeth - Just installed and already finding bugs

    I installed QBPro 2013 yesterday, and then updated it via the update link to the latest release. However when trying to set up online banking, I get the 'update branding files' error: "An unexpected error occurred. A critical file that contains the financial institution data is not in the correct format or missing. Error message number [OLSU-1022]"

  • Meijer Bjorn - Great non greasy detangler

    We got this detangler for my daughter who has thick wavy hair that tangles easily! One of the things my daughter loves about it is the smell, she is 11 and most of the other detangler products on the market are geared towards younger children and don't have a sophisticated smell. I love that we can use it on wet or dry hair without the greasy residue many of the other detanglers on the market do. This detangler leaves her hair soft and silky, while making the combing experience easy and tear free!