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  • GrouchyOldman - Scholarly, evenhanded, easy to understand

    This work is scholarly and even-handed, devoid of ideological freight of any kind. It avoids the politically-charged analysis based on white versus black communities. Murray's thesis is essentially that there are two Americas: one of educated, middle- class or upper middle-class people, and one of everyone else. Occasionally providing relevant statistics in a clear format, he explains the differences between these classes in terms of four primary factors, and the resulting outcomes of their lives. Although he does not undertake to explain wealth or income disparities, the effect is to explain, in part, the widening gap in wealth and income between the two classes.

  • John Jordan - Horrible!

    I have a small bushiness and have used this software for 15 years. It is absolutely the worst, most frustrating, and horribly supported junk I have ever used. I would give it zero stars if at all possible. Today I learned that unless I pay them $800 a year for gold level customer support (which I will never use) then the software will no longer calculate payroll with holding. It is impossible to get the software to do something you want it to do. You have to do everything they way the software demands. I don't know what other options are out there but SAGE 50 is complete garbage.

  • Adam - Great Treadmill

    I rarely write reviews on products but I will write one for this item. Got this treadmill a couple weeks ago to put in the basment. I was very leery about set-up because so many people commented on how difficult it is and I am not very handy. Set it up, by myself in a little over an hour, no issues at all. Have been using it for about 2 weeks and it is great. Not as big and bulky as treadmills you would find in a gym, but just as sturdy. Love it so far

  • Faith Beaupre - Disappointed

    Unfortunately for my skin type the Resurgence did not work at all. Maybe I have very sensitive skin around my eyes. I was told how tired I looked and the puckering around my eyes got worse, I really didn't have any until I started using the eye cream. I also seemed to develop deeper crows feet. I have stopped using the product and have gone back to what I was using. Between that and a cucumber cream my eyes are going back to the way they were. I know people have had great results but if u have very sensitive skin this might not be the way to go. Unfortunately it was a waste of money.

  • Ann P - This is a great new song

    Our family LOVES the Imagination movers! This is a great new song, the kids love it, and it's not annoying to listen to on repeat (BONUS!!)

  • dorothy lattea - I started taking this two days ago, I dont ...

    I started taking this two days ago, I dont take the full dosage, I opt to spread the six pills out evenly over my day, when I eat I do eat heathly salads, protein bars to snack almonds etc and have cut out sodas thanks to the caffeine I havent had the caffeine headaches associated with the no sodas, lots of water is a must so it works out, I am down 6 pounds.