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CIHR-TAAM/Home page - The CIHR Team in Aboriginal Antidiabetic Medicines aims to improve the health of the Iiyiyiu Aschii (James Bay) Cree living with diabetes through a novel ethnobotanical approach combining modern biomedical science and traditional medicine to develop culturally-relevant, safe and efficacious therapeutic products.

  • http://www.taam-emaad.umontreal.ca/francais/index.html CIHR-TAAM/Page d'accueil - L'Équipe de recherche sur les médecines autochtones anti-diabétiques des IRSC a pour but d'améliorer la santé des Cris d'Iiyiyiu Aschii (Baie James) vivant avec le diabète et ce, par une approche ethnobotanique novatrice combinant les sciences biomédicales modernes et la médecine traditionnelle afin de développer des produits thérapeutiques sécuritaires, efficaces et culturellement adaptés.

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  • Sharyn Hutchens - a bit overdone

    I did not dislike this book, but I couldn't love it. The characters were too black and white. Maybe I'm just too cynical for love stories any more, but I thought the passion a little overdone. Not the sex scenes, but the roaring, chest beating l-o-v-e shown by.both Jack and Michael for Lacey. She was too perfect, they were too childish for professional men of that age. I have liked others of Elliot's books, but this one was just a bit over the top for me. I knew going in it was a "thriller-romance' but it was a little heavy on the romance for my tastes.

  • Amazon Customer - This diet pill works great! I have been taking it for a few ...

    This diet pill works great! I have been taking it for a few weeks now and have already lost 10 pounds. I take one capsule before lunch and one before supper. I have noticed a decrease in my appetite without feeling like I am starving when it starts to wear off. I also like the boost of energy it gives me when I take it. This also helps with the weight loss because I am able to be more active and therefore burn more calories.

  • The Readers - Blessing for struggling with candida

    Helps so much! God send:) i think this works best out you do a clean simple diet and are testing one food a day to see if its a trigger and using the 3 at bedtime to help bounce back. Hopefully this isn't a forever thing, but an aid while transitioning to a diet that works well for your body.

  • Elizabeth K, NJ - Awesome!

    I was never truly a beer fan until I tried this. I want to try more beers through the system because it takes the bite out of beers from a bottle or a typical pour. I took my machine to a holiday party at my neighbors house and no one wanted to drink their beers if it didn't go through the machine. Not only is it fun to use and a conversation starter, it really does make the beer more flavorful and the head is creamy and drinkable! I bet a chocolate stout through the machine over some ice cream would be insane!

  • Eric Mayforth - The Long Road for an All-Time Great Quarterback

    Perhaps no other NFL quarterback had a career quite like that of Steve Young—he led his team to a title and was inducted into the Hall of Fame, but he had to spend some of his prime years as a backup to another Hall of Fame quarterback, one of the all-time greats, first. Steve Young recalls his remarkable life and the struggle to reach the pinnacle of being a championship NFL quarterback in "QB: My Life Behind the Spiral."

  • Dave S - Reliable Drink

    i know this drink works- have used it several times in the past. never used this specific one after buying it (kept it stored and it expired so I threw it away), but I would go with this brand in the feature should I need it. They used to sell this at the vitamin shoppe as well, they still may.