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  • RebekkahGrace - Great, Adaptable Diet

    I started The Belly Fat Cure last week, and I already feel great! I've lost 1 lb in 3 days and an inch off my waist. I was already a healthy eater (mostly whole, "real" food, minimal processed foods, lots of fruit and veggies), but I've been having trouble losing weight from my two pregnancies in the last two years. I have about 15 lbs to lose (150 lbs,5'5", and a size 14 now, plan to go down to 130-135 and a size 8), and I'm excited to lose it with this program!

  • Karyssaryh - LOVE!

    Great product I only gave it 4 stars because it can be slightly more moisturzing but I haven't tried the moisture butter yet so I will report back as soon as I do. I love her whole line, it def helps keep my tightly curled, super thick 4A/4B hair moisturized and smelling delicious!

  • PKJR - More fees..

    So I just updated from 2008 to find out that in 2011 there is no free document storage (100mb available in 2010) and you are looking at $9.95 per month basic fee to attach documents. You also have pay for your own local storage! Another words, I am paying Intuit to store my own PDF files on my own PC.. what's next: paying Intuit for printing my own checks?

  • Jessica S - Perfect! The quote from the dealer was upwards of ...

    Perfect! The quote from the dealer was upwards of $300 to have this particular part replaced. With some internet research and this fabulous part, we saved quite a lot of money. Excellent!

  • Tishira - Great stuff but some need to beware.....

    I have been using this product and from the start it works and completely neutralizes bad breath instantly. I was looking for something to use to freshen horrible breath from Atkins diet and it is great combating that dilemma. However, the toothpaste and mouthwash are not to be rinsed out with water afterwards and for me that posed some problems. It made my mouth dry and white on the outside so to alleviate that I rinsed the outside of my mouth with warm water and put on a moisturizing lip balm. Also, gargling with the mouthwash made for a terrible sore throat so I stopped gargling and just rinsed out the inside of my mouth with the mouthwash. To reach the back of my throat I use the therabreath sinus drops and those do not create any problems with a sore throat. Hope this helps someone with those issues....

  • Lorissa Elliott - My favorite face product

    I use this as a face moisturizer and it's the best! The oil doesn't clog just leaves your skin super soft by the aloe Vera and vitamin e, and the tea tree REALLY wipes out my acne. It's so gentle so zero irritation. Plus, a little goes a long way! The bottle lasts me around 7-9 months or so, I highly recommend! ( this is what got my face clear from what my used to be bad acne! )

  • Robert Hardin - Fits Perfectly

    I have a 2013 CRV EX-L. I received my order yesterday afternoon and have to say that shipping was really fast, 2 days faster than the estimate and was in good condition when it arrived. My order did come with instructions, which were clear enough for me to install the bars in 15 minutes.