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Subros: Auto Airconditioning Systems - Subros manufactures compressors, Condensers, Heat Exchangers and all connecting elements required to complete AC loop and caters to all segments viz. Passenger Vehicles, Buses, Trucks and many more.

Country:, North America, US

City: -83.7133 Michigan, United States

  • SkierBrian - Super excellent

    If I was rich I would only buy new electronics that have Bluetooth built in. As it is I am broke so I have broke arse electronics that have these things called "tape decks". Who knows what that is but these sweet Bluetooth adapters make it so I can use electronics belonging in museums.

  • Felicia - Great product, great taste.

    The taste of the vanilla is really good, I love the flavor pack that give you the option to do other flavors rather than just vanilla. Other protein shake companies need to give this option. They keep me really full during the day so these are a plus on my weight loss journey!

  • hwatts - It has the opposite effect on me!

    I have eczema and sensitive/dry skin in general and I was excited to try this product from Aveeno because I love their lotions. This cream dries out my face. :-( I guess I'm special in that it just doesn't work for me.

  • Jeff Fromuth - easy, breezy...helpful.

    A must for those interested in the basic mechanics of stock market investing. Kelly's 'Mr.Magazine' examples are a good beginning to understanding the dynamics of a new stock on the stock market as well as why companies choose to go public. He also has an excellent section on the perspectives of stock market 'Masters'! Lynch, Miller, Buffett, etc. From my reading of this book and from other reviews I've read, I can say this is likely the best possible book for beginners interested in learning how to become confident investors.

  • M. Owen - 2010 Errata fixed

    First of all, First Aid is the gold standard for Step 1 review. Memorize all of First Aid and I'll bet you'll get a 250 or above on your Step 1. Second, this edition took care of those 6 pages of errata from the 2010 version. So unless you feel like going through those 6 pages of errata on the First Aid website and making a ton of changes, I suggest buying the 2011 version. I know there will be a list of errata for this version, as Doctors in Training has already put together a preliminary list, but it is a much smaller list than the one from 2010.