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  • Unity Dienes - Chewy, sticky, stretchy, and too sweet

    I've tried a lot of protein bars, and this is pretty average for taste, honestly. It's very sweet; too sweet in my opinion. There are actually four different sweeteners in it, if you look at the ingredients: sugar, erythritol, dextrose, and stevia. The combined effect is a very sweet bar. It's very chewy, with a texture somewhat like caramel: sticky and stretchy. So to me, it tastes a lot like candy. It has calories like a candy bar, too: like a full-sized Hersey bar, this has 220 calories, 70 of them from fat. (A Hersey bar has 90 cal from fat). But calories aren't everything, and the fiber and protein in this bar can certainly be part of a healthy diet. If I were going to grade this bar on taste alone, I would definitely give it 3 stars, since it's fine but nothing to get excited about. But for fiber and protein content, I'll bump it up a star. For me, though, this is not one I would get again and again.

  • Pamela - I liked the idea of this organizer but the soft material ...

    I liked the idea of this organizer but the soft material makes for a not-so-sturdy drink holder. My drinks tend to spill when I hit any bumps in the road.

  • Roland J. Wells - Works incredibly well

    We have a 115 year old log deer hunting cabin in northern Minnesota that we use about two weeks per year. We have used every rodent poison known, but they last only until they're eaten and don't do anything about bats or red squirrels. I started using Fresh Cab two years ago, and I am astonished at how effective it is in using natural scents to keep the little critters out. The balsam oil and spices "air out" quickly from the cabin, and it doesn't leave an unnatural scent on our hunting clothes. I wouldn't have believed how effective it is. Putting a package or two in every six months takes care of the two rooms of the 600 square foot cabin.

  • N.J. Faticatto - Simply Put, It Worked For Me

    OK, so here's my situation and how it played out. You can compare it to other reviews on here and decide for yourself if its worth the buy. I personally think the product is a lifesaver and I would entirely recommend its use.