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STUD 100: Delay Spray for Men | Official STUD 100 Site - Since 1970 - STUD 100 is the longest selling & most popular Delay Spray for Men. Fully FDA compliant & licensed by many Health Authorities worldwide. Buy now!

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  • https://www.stud100.com/pages/faqs STUD 100 FAQs - Questions | Official STUD 100 Site - Answers to all of the most frequently asked questions about STUD 100 delay spray. STUD 100 FAQs incl. How many sprays, Are there side effects, and more!
  • https://www.stud100.com/pages/frontpage About STUD 100 | Official STUD 100 Site - The world’s most popular Delay Spray for Men, STUD 100 has been formulated to help delay male ejaculation which may significantly improve sexual relationships.
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  • Shelyna V Brown - Your curls will love Aunt Jackie's Curl La La!!!

    The curling custard is amazing. My curls are moisturized, not frizzy and beautiful! Give this product a try the next time you twist or braid your hair. I didn't care for the Don't Shrink Flaxseed gel. Everytime I tried it, it left a lot of residue and weighed my hair down.

  • Starrlight - Fast delivery

    I missed the event and was so happy to find that codes were still available. I made my purchase and was emailed the code only a couple hours later. This made me extremely happy! Thank you for finally allowing me to get a Mew!

  • SarahMonroe - Messy but seems to be working.

    I drink too much coffee and too much red wine. And even though I use a whitening mouth wash and toothpaste...I still felt like my teeth had a yellow tinge to them. My sister said she uses a charcoal tooth paste so I figured why not. First: it is a bit messy. The instructions say to dip your tooth brush into the powder but I didn't want to do that cause I didn't want to contaminate the whole jar. I used a little spoon to scoop some powder into the lid then used that to brush my teeth. It looks gross. But it doesn't taste like anything. I didn't notice a difference right away. But for a week, I used this every morning and every night before I would use my regular toothpaste. After a week, I noticed that the yellow tinge between my front teeth and the yellowish color on my one side tooth were not yellow but starting to look whiter. Not bright white but looking better. I think with continued use this will work very well.

  • Paul Connors - My new Microsoft Maps is a bummer

    I have an old version which is out of date now but useable. I ordered a newer version. Because the old one is so wonderful I imagined a really super program 12 years later. I could hardly wait!

  • Jack Jerrod Gardner - Not for me

    The product is no good, don't waste your money, well if you live near your radio station, or if you never listen to the radio and want it for the looks, then it's for you. If you live in rural south Ga. USA then it's not a good product I live about 19 miles from radio station and getting static an skip, I put the one that came with the vehicle back on an through this one in the tool shed

  • flashback - ... out of this product so ordering it online was great. The price was so competitive

    After going to several stores here all were out of this product so ordering it online was great. The price was so competitive. Makes more sense to order again when I need it. I liked how the product was packaged as no leaking etc.