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  • LT in NH - Congratulations, you got our attention

    Wow. I feel broken for sure. But certainly not to the extent of people in the middle east and African countries having to live the reality of such atrocities. This kind of violence and even worse is very real to people in many corners of the world. It's about time the depth of this madness be explored by a tv program we are willing to invite into our living rooms. Man is above all the scariest of all monsters. And TWD has the nerve to reveal man for what he is. Lucky for us, it is accompanied with artful story and composition as well as compassion and empathy of and for the characters that embody a family we care about. We SHOULD feel broken. And we should face it. If you don't, there's something wrong with you. And if you are to give up on TWD just because of this, then you are no better than others that bury their head in the sand to hide from the truth of every day violence in the world. Congratulations TWD. You got our attention.

  • sara - This UPTOWN Retinol cream is great. I only used it at night so that ...

    This UPTOWN Retinol cream is great. I only used it at night so that I can diminish the possibility of getting sun burned if I use it during the day. I still have to use sunscreen to save my face from damage. The retinol helped my face regenerate. My face feels softer and it looks brighter. I think the containers it comes in is cute. It provides me with the right amount of product for my face and neck. And the cream has no smell to it. I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review.

  • Love to Travel - Not what I expected

    Very disappointed with the poor print quality. The book is difficult to read because the font is very small and so thin that it appears faded. I read the first couple of chapters and am not impressed. It is being returned.

  • John Pfeiffer - Bought a 2nd one. Both working great. 10-19-16

    Nice package design (case and control locations). Feels a little heavy, just over a pound, and I'm thinking that the battery is probably most of the weight, and battery life is somewhat important in a usable tablet. I've had Windows Tabs that have gotten between 2-6 hours in runtime (even some Fujitsu's going back to 2001). I expect that the Zenpad, being driven by the new Mediatek chipset should exceed the best Windows Tabs numbers, but it's mostly the screens that eat up the juice. I've only used this for a few days, but used it heavily. So far I have had no screen issues, but am on manual for brightness, and change it as needed for lighting conditions. I have also disabled most of the stock Asus apps, and uninstalled the apps that actually can be uninstalled. BTW, the bootloader is locked on this Marshmallow/6.0 version, so if you're thinking about rooting, you may want to research other tablets. I can't comment on the cameras as I use my phone or a real camera for photos. I would not expect an under $200 tablet camera to equal a real or iphone/Samsung phone camera. The 2gb of ram is a huge plus. I just returned a generic tablet that was almost half the price of the Asus, that claimed 4gb ram, 4gb internal mem plus 60gb of internal SD, but was junk with less than 1gb internal and lots if other fake specs. Having 2gb of REAL ram is a benefit, although only 1gb is free the majority of the time. For $179, I would expect at least a 2gb/32gb combo, but 16gb will do if you aren't expecting the world for under $200. For some reason, tablet manufacturers haven't caught up with how current users use their tablets and why their storage technology and specs should move past 2010. Using memory cost as a reason to short users on specs has no basis as ram/rom costs are almost negligible nowadays. Perhaps Android has issues with accessing larger mem numbers? Overall, the case design is nice, possibly one of the least block-looking tablets I've used. Two of the family have Acer One 10 tablets, and they're very basic in styling. I would have purchased one of those, but the limiting factor was the 1gb of ram. So far, those have working very well, but recently have gone up in price (now between $139-$169). I had picked up the pair at BB locally for $109 each making them a good deal. Overall, the Asus does very well-excellent at most tasks and pulled about 33,000 on Antutu benchmark. No, that's not exactly cranking, but it's all about battery life. Some generic Tabs pull 50,000+, but you'll be moaning about battery life and heat if you buy one of those. The only real gripe I have about this Tab is that occasionally the wifi will bog (even at full strength 6 meters from the router). It may be some offending app sucking bandwidth and is prevalent mostly during my use of Play, so I suggest using Opera Max to control your apps background, wifi, and radio (cell) usage. Max will show what apps are sucking data. As an aside, I would NOT recommend using Operas browsers, especially Opera-mini, which though it "saves data" with inflated/deflated numbers, is almost completely useless and frustrating to use. Anyway, back to the main point: Asus Zenpad Z300M - nice package, screen looks great for it's size, fairly quick response, long boot up for an Android box, but not terrible, good screen response except occasionally when using Play, where the app screen does not always respond to touch. Everything else that I have installed runs great. I left it on last night at 95% battery with screen in saver mode (off), and this morning it was at 84%. Not bad for standby. Also, the Zenpad has a power saver app. Use it. I mentioned earlier that the Zenpad seemed a little heavy. Well, keep in mind that adding a cover will almost double it's weight to over 2 lbs.

  • Judy Collins - well constructed-meet our needs

    the stubby antenna let us put our terrain in the garage, the original was to tall and would hit the door. well constructed, easy to install, have not seen any change in reception. good value.

  • Spencer - Somewhat Works

    This made a hair test come back as inconclusive but hair was not washed at the testing site so could be because of toxicity purposes.