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Integrated Physical Medicine – Medical – Physical Therapy – Chiropractic - WELCOME TO SARASOTA SPINE & JOINT! Integrated Physical Medicine - Medical. Physical Therapy. Chiropractic. A diagnosis of osteoarthritis, bulging or

  • http://www.srqspine.com/about/ Welcome to Sarasota Spine & Joint! | Sarasota Spine & Joint - Sarasota Spine & Joint provides quality Integrated Physical Medicine to Sarasota and Bradenton.
  • http://www.srqspine.com/testimonials/ Testimonials | Sarasota Spine & Joint - "My knee pain has decreased tremendously since I started."- Anne K. "Very happy. I have the relief from knee pain I so very much needed."- Gary M. "I feel a
  • http://www.srqspine.com/contact/ Contact | Sarasota Spine & Joint - Request A Free Consult Or Additional Info: Contact Sarasota Spine & Joint Address: 3900 Clark Rd- Suite H1 Sarasota, FL 34233 Phone: (941) 926
  • http://www.srqspine.com/free-consultation Free Consultation | Sarasota Spine & Joint - Request A Free Consultation Or Additional Info: Contact Sarasota Spine & Joint View Larger Map
  • http://www.srqspine.com/shoulder-injuries/ Shoulder Injuries | Sarasota Spine & Joint - The complexity of the shoulder joint allows for its dynamic role in arm movement and a variety of upper body motions used in both life and sports. The rotator
  • http://www.srqspine.com/headaches-and-migraines/ Headaches and Migraines | Sarasota Spine & Joint - Headaches and migraines can wreak havoc in your personal life. The cause of certain migraines can often be difficult for any person let alone a medical
  • http://www.srqspine.com/sciatica/ Sciatica | Sarasota Spine & Joint - Sciatica is a painfully debilitating, condition which occurs when the major nerve running down either leg becomes impinged or inflamed. The condition typically
  • http://www.srqspine.com/herniated-discs/ Herniated Discs | Sarasota Spine & Joint - The spine is comprised of vertebral bones, while intervertebral discs that are composed of fibrous gel filled sacks are then located between each bony structure
  • http://www.srqspine.com/whiplash/ Whiplash | Sarasota Spine & Joint - Whiplash occurs when the neck is suddenly forced forward (in flexion) and back (extension) beyond normal range of motion. Automobile Accidents are a common
  • http://www.srqspine.com/auto-accident/ Auto Accident | Sarasota Spine & Joint - Automobile accidents and injuries are an unfortunate aspect of our modern and mobile life. Injuries can run the gamut from simple abrasions to potential
  • http://www.srqspine.com/sports-injury/ Sports Injury | Sarasota Spine & Joint - Many musculoskeletal complaints arise from injuries sustained in sports. Even slight sprain/strains to spinal musculature and/or misalignments of vertebral
  • http://www.srqspine.com/knee-program/ Knee Pain Relief Program | Sarasota Spine & Joint -   End your knee pain without risky surgery Learn about an innovative FDA cleared treatment called Viscosupplementation Therapy that provides lasting
  • http://www.srqspine.com/neckback-pain/ Neck/Back Pain | Sarasota Spine & Joint - Pain is a driving force for any patient making any medical appointment, but integrated care utilizing chiropractic care; physical therapy; orthopedic care and
  • http://www.srqspine.com/prp-tendon-repair/ PRP for Tendon Repair | Sarasota Spine & Joint - "What If Science Could Harness Your Body's Natural Healing Power? Our facility uses the latest advances to harness and concentrate your body's own platelets
  • http://www.srqspine.com/viscosupplementation Viscosupplementation | Sarasota Spine & Joint - A revolutionary non-surgical treatment called viscosupplementation therapy is providing hope for those who suffer from the chronic knee pain. This minimally
  • http://www.srqspine.com/our-oa-knee-program Integrated OA Knee Program | Sarasota Spine & Joint - Osteoarthritis (OA) Knee Pain!? You don’t need to live with it! Osteoarthritis is the most prevalent type of arthritis, with close to 30 million people

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