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Spinal Diagnostics and Treatment - spine specialists san francisco, spine specialists bayarea, spine doctors san francisco - Spinal Diagnostics and Treatment Center is a freestanding ambulatory surgery center. Our facility is technologically state of the art, designed to provide the most modern and up to date diagnoses and treatment for patients with spine disorders.

  • http://www.spinaldiagnostics.com/sdx/_SDMain/aboutUs1.asp Spinal Diagnostics and Treatment - Spinal Injection Procedures in Northern California - Back and Neck Pain Treatment - Spinal diagnostics and treatment in Northern California, spinal injection procedures, back and neck pain diagnosis and treatment, Richard Derby M.D., Yung Chen M.D., Connor O'Neill M.D., Bjorn Eek M.D.

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  • hawk007 - Bengal.. I believe

    Whatever they make just gets rid of things.. that is all I have to say about Bengal. Many years ago, I moved to Hammond Louisiana for a few years and was terrified to find X-large roaches all over apartment. I then moved to a new apartment and found same issue. At night, you could see 100's of them marching all over. One day at local super market, I almost was crying begging the manager if there was anything that could fix the issue. Luckily, an air-force officer heard the conversation and told me to go to a local place that made and sold Bengal. He told me this is what air-force uses and nothing else works. I stopped by the place which was across the street and bought two can for $25 and it was guaranteed to work or bring empty can and get full refund. Per recommended, I sprayed around the baseline of walls and cabinets a small amount. Left the place and came back to find 100's of dead roaches all over and never saw another one for few years we lived there.

  • Lenny G. - lots and lots of bugs

    I have had alot of technical problems, and one of their updates simply did not support 64 bit, of course according to them after 2 hours of tech support (which you have to pay for) my computer had a problem. Its was only after scouring the web for solutions and finding my disc (which I had to pay for) did I reinstall and make it work. Probably wasted 10 hours of my life.

  • Donna166 - Only shampoo for my Husky

    My Husky has very sensitive skin that is always irritated and this is the only shampoo that will calm his skin and heal the dryness and redness. It will keep his skin good for almost a week before I have to wash him again.

  • ahhmericanwoman - Well written story that will redefine the meaning of "luck" for you

    I really enjoyed this book. Heroine Riley lives a relatively ordinary life for a woman in her twenties. She's been wanting to go to Scotland for years, and finally has the money and the time to take the trip with her roommate. On their last day, when they get lost and find themselves in a run-down little town that isn't even on the map, they encounter a strange woman, Kitabah, who some of the locals think may be a witch, but whether or not she is, she sure makes them uncomfortable when she's around! At the end of the evening, she gives Riley a riddle, which will haunt her memories for quite some time. What did the strange lady mean? Why does she think she keeps seeing her after she returns to Boston, and then as soon as she does, something bad happens.

  • Ridgecrust - shocked that it went onto car fast and easy --on there 6 mo now and appears the same

    shocked that it went onto car fast and easy --on there 6 mo now and appears the same. looks and works way better than I expected