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City: 18.056 , Sweden

  • Budgie Mom - Awesome product

    We purchased this product for our 2010 dual mode exhaust corvette coupe.....my husband installed it (no problem) and we were "roaring" down the highway in no time! Brings out the "kid" in us!!!!! It's nice because if you want the normal 'mild' sounding corvette, one click of the remote ..... done! Awesome product, well worth the price.

  • Ashleigh Steele - Nope...

    I just received the book last night and haven't even made it 30 pages in yet without having found MULTIPLE errors in the book. I would not recommend this book. Def wasted my money on it.

  • 1997 maxima - lucas

    The dealer repair shoppe determined that a power steering rack replacement was necessary because of significant fluid leakage. $700+- I instead tried using Lucas Oil Power steering leak stop. Amazing result no leak. Sloo learner had the pwr steering system flushed and filled with std pwr steering fluid and back to leaks,. another bottle of this juice and no leaks--has been effective for 3 years. My Lucas purchase was from Walley World and Checker/Oreiley auto parts but Amazon product is same.

  • Topper - Too Thick to Use and Not Eligible for Return

    I cut open the shrink wrapped package today and opened the bottle to use for the first time. The glue was dried so thick inside the bottle it was a gummy mess and would not flow at all. The expiration date on the bottle is 6/3/2016. I tried to return it and found it was no longer eligible for return. Do not buy this item. If it is like mine, it is totally worthless and you are stuck with it, no pun intended!

  • KynleighsMom - You can't beat it for the price!

    I like a lot of ice in my drinks. I was tired of regular cups that couldn't not keep my drink cool bc the ice was melting so fast. I wouldn't be done with my drink before it was watered down from the ice. I didn't want to spend the money on a yeti so I decided to give this cup a try and for the price you can't beat it. My drinks are ice cold and hours later my soda isn't watered down. I highly recommend this cup!!!

  • kat lock - the juicr taste great. Ive been drinking nothing but water

    Starting day 2.. the juicr taste great. Ive been drinking nothing but water. The first day I followed thr directions 4oz juice mixed with 4oz water 3x throighout the day. So one in morning one around lunch one around dinner I have one right before bed.. about every 4hours. Lots and lots of water. Did not eat. I peed alot bht no bowl movement (which I thought since its a detox).