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SOHF - Swiss Medical Society for Occupational Health in Health Care Facilities - Association suisse des Medecins d'entreprise des Etablissements de soins. Schweizerischer Verband der Betriebsaerzte im Gesundheitsdienst.

Country:, Europe, CH

City: 8.1551 , Switzerland

  • Allison Davis - It's got beautiful photos and a wonderful variety of recipes that are ...

    This cookbook arrived today and I can't stop poring through it. It's got beautiful photos and a wonderful variety of recipes that are anything BUT run-of-the-mill but easy to prepare I'm so excited to cook everything in it!

  • Ranch Girl - Easy to follow and it works!

    This book provides some simple rules that are easy to follow. It is not a "diet" as much as a way of eating for a healthy lifestyle. You don't go hungry, and you do loose weight. This is not a low carb diet, but it is a reduced carb diet. The authors provide a good explanation as to what causes your body to store fat. The simple rules require that when you eat high carb foods you also eat protein in a 2:1 ratio while never exceeding 30g carbs at a given time. You are allowed a reasonable amount of fat as well. The foods you eat are very similar to the South Beach Diet, but I like this better because of the simple rules about the protein and carb combining, and I don't like to follow menus in a book.

  • Brenda S. - Don't Remove the Paper Seal!

    I have used the Damp Rid Products for years and years and they work great! But this new incarnation of the tub has a paper (moisture permeable) seal on the tub which you should not remove (Ooops!). Yeah it's not very clear to us old timers- so I thought I would give everyone a heads up, now you won't be taping the seal back on like me :-).

  • Amazon Customer - I've been taking the product for about 20 days now ...

    I've been taking the product for about 20 days now and I must say............I can see and feel the difference. I try to start out my day by taking two capsules followed by a daily workout. I can honestly say after my daily dose of Performix - SST and my workout I have a burst of energy that lasts all day long.

  • Ordinary Consumer - Good product-worth the money

    It's working slowly but surely as described. Taking longer on bare wood on parts of my deck where all the stain is gone. Moss and mold is completely gone off my bricks - now to seal those this spring. Sprayed on everything about 4 months ago.

  • thankful Mum - amazing results!!!!

    After having spent "too much money with dermatologist". My 17 year son bought this out of desperation on one of our vacations. The results have been amazing!!!! Unfortunately it is not available where we live so I have to buy it on line.

  • ErinT - Love it but one star....

    I dearly love it. I love the vibrating alarm, my husband can sleep through the early morning when I get up for work undisturbed! I love challenging myself to beat yesterday's steps, it's gotten me on the treadmill more times in the last month than the whole year prior to having it.