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หน้าหลัก - Caritas Bangkok หรือฝ่ายสังคม อัครสังฆมณฑลกรุงเทพฯ เป็นหน่วยงานสงเคราะห์และพัฒนาที่อยู่ภายในมิสซังโรมันคาทอลิกกรุงเทพฯ

Country:, Asia, TH

City: 100.4667 , Thailand

  • Fly-by-Night - do not know how I lived with out this item ...

    do not know how I lived with out this item for all my batteries in my toys (motorcycle, snowmobile, jetski) actually revived some that I thought were toast. I keep it plugged in almost all the time while rotating batteries.

  • Eric Wagner - The GRE prep 2016 study guide provides a useful overview of what to expect from the GRE

    The GRE prep 2016 study guide provides a useful overview of what to expect from the GRE, providing useful review information on algebra and geometry as well as approaches to thinking about the writing portions of the GRE, pacing, and thought problems. There are also some trial questions. Overall this was an affordable book that was just what I needed to prepare for the exam.

  • Natalie J. Sudborough - Wish it had more on Morocco

    This is just as good as any R.S. book I've ever read. I just wish that he would branch out a little more. There is a bit of information about Morocco, but I wish there were more. It just covers the border town. It's like covering Tijuana in a California guidebook.

  • TitanicFan29 - Excellent Product for a Cheap, Working Home Phone Line

    So far this has worked excellent for us. I only use this as a fax line or to make a call if my cell phone battery is dead, but so far I've had no issues with connection or being heard when talking on a voice over connection. I have even used it to send a fax and no issues with that. And for the price you pay that gets you a full year of service with the purchase? Well, you definitely can't beat that!

  • Evan M - Great Product

    The jersey fits perfectly and looks great! It is exactly as described and the price is unbeatable at how low it is. I definitely recommend buying this if you're looking for a soccer jersey. One thing though is that there is no large blank spot on the back of the jersey as the picture shows. It just has the stripes all around.

  • Trena - Wasted time & money!!

    I bought this program because I wanted to utilize the rental property manager functions. I manage 16 rental properties and I spent 3 weeks entering data and trying to figure this program out. I ordered the so called "The Official Guide" for Quicken 2012, but it doesn't cover any of the rental property manager features. I was not impressed with this program at all. I started typesetting back in 1978 and I learn new programs very easily, but this one was a nightmare. The graphs don't have enough edit features to enable them to appear on a page without everything abbreviated or cut off. After wasting a month of my time, the money for 2 of these programs, one that my broker bought for the office, and one I bought for my home office, along with the useless manual, I emailed Quicken to find out where to get a manual on the rental property manager section and was told that there isn't one. I can use the online help. I prefer to use a manual so I can learn all the features the right way the first time, without all the trial and error and asking the box a question. This was the biggest waste of my time ever, and now I get to transfer all this into Excel, which does have a manual, and works the way it's supposed to. Don't waste your money if you're buying it for the rental property functions!! I can never get that wasted month of my life back.

  • Tarek - Great Product, Can't Beat it for the Price

    Fast shipping. After several attempts of sealing off a floor on a windy terrace balcony, this stuff has worked great. We layered it to create a larger pitch to shed water. Highly recommend this product for weatherproofing home exteriors, whether it be for roofing, flooring, flashing. It's durable, highly reflective, easy to cut with a pair of sheet metal snips.