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  • http://www.snellinjurylaw.com/Personal_Injury.aspx Columbia Personal Injury Attorney | Injury Lawyer in Columbia, SC - Columbia personal injury lawyer James R. Snell is rated 10/10 on AVVO and backed by years of experience. If you've been injured in an accident, contact the office today for free consultation to learn how he can help!
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  • Sharon Appel - It is what I needed.

    Quickbooks hooks you in with a great product but then makes you update after three years or else it's not supported. That part stinks, but QB is very useful. Had a bit of trouble updating to the new product but customer service helps...though very time consuming.

  • lcah - Ultra minimalist - but super low price

    One shouldn't expect all that much at this price point - it works - haven't had it very long so can't speak to durability.

  • A. B. Readerson - It would make an already clean floor look dirty.

    This is a bad product. I received this as a gift from my parents who thought it would lighten my cleaning load. I cheerfully read the simple directions and got started. I couldn't help noticing that it required a great deal of effort to "mop" the floor. Also it did not do a very good job vacuuming. I continued thinking maybe It would be worth it, and I could use the workout. My tile floor in the kitchen did not get very clean. The edges were untouched by this cumbersome beast. As for my wood floor - it was left very dull having this thing smear the dirt around. It was exhausting to use and would make an already clean floor look dirty.

  • The Anxious Gypsy - Coco Luxe is Coco LUXURIOUS!

    Live coconuivenything? Well you haven't had LUXURIOUS until you have tried Coco Lyxe. Pure as pure can be. And the scent teansports you away. I use it to do my oil face cleaning and as cuticle treatment before bed. When I use sugar scrubs in my hands or feet, Coco Luxe comes right on board to soothe and nourish my skin. After I straighten my hair, I take dab of Coco Luxe and rub it between my palms and run my hands through my hair. Salon ready abd nourished!

  • Bugsyowl - This a rip-off: stay away

    You do not get a diskette. All you get is a sheet of paper that gives an web address that triggers security warnings from Norton Antivirus. If you manage to get to the site anyway, you can download a trial version of the software. The key they give you in the sheet is invalid and is not acceptedwhen you try to activate the software. Go buy it from developer! For the same money you get WORKING software activated for one year and a backup diskette. For 50% more they will extend your subscription for another year!

  • Sapphire - Excellent Camera Insert

    I love my camera insert from Timbuk2. Most of the time I use it with my Timbuktu2 messenger bag but, I enjoy the fact that I can use the handle and remove the entire contents in seconds for the days that I want to carry the bag without the camera or switch bags. Excellent protection for camera equipment. Wish the price was a little less expensive tough.

  • Lamat - Love my Nume's!!

    Love this wand! My curls last with this, then turns into loose waves that stay until i wash them out. I don't even use hairspray with it and they stay. Love the titanium wands too! MakeupAlley had a few codes to get great discounts from their site.