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  • K&M - Gentle for sensitive skin and no lather

    I purchased this because I have sensitive skin and this product boasts it is the only 100% natural face wash for everyday use. It smells really nice with almost a fruity scent. It comes in a pump dispenser which makes it easy to use. I wear sunscreen and full coverage makeup so I first apply this cleanser and then use a damp makeup cloth to remove it. It works well and I have not had any skin breakouts. I love that this is organic. As my skin ages, I find that soap dries out my face so I was happy to find this all natural product. Since I wear heavy makeup, I do have to apply this cleanser twice to remove all the makeup from my skin.

  • George P Stergio - It makes me so sad

    Well, since 1993 i have been actively managing my personal finances, investing, budgeting and have ONLY used Intuit's Quicken products. I usually upgraded every few years and found myself sitting with Quicken 2012 on my laptop and thinking that i should upgrade to 2013. After reading the horrible reviews, i opted out of upgrading and continued to hum along nicely with a solid 2012 product. When 2014 was released, i figured that the company i had entrusted with my personal finances since 1993 had fixed the kinks, worked out the bugs and straightened the ship. NOPE. I bought 2014. After trying to install the software 3 times, it finally worked. Converted all of my data successfully and off i went. So far, a week into using the new products, i have discovered that my old budgets are useless. several of the interfaces are buggy often taking minutes to change screens, update registers, etc. My screen shot "quicken has encountered a serious error" has reared it's ugly head several times causing my lap top to shut down for no reason and what's worst of all, i no longer trust the renaming rules and auto reconciliation of accounts since all of my accounts defaulted back to paper reconciliations. Long winded way to say avoid 2013 and 2014 quicken products at all costs until we start to hear apologies from the company and assurances that they have addressed all of our concerns. i regret upgrading and wish i had saved the $75 bucks for quicken 2014 premier and a lot of headaches and aggravation.

  • Antoinette Slack - Excel 2010

    Helped me understand some of the things in Excel, but had to read a lot to find specific things that I needed. Had to rely on a few friends to help me through some things that I couldn't find in the book. It also had many things that were very basic and I didn't need to know the very basic things about Excel. All in all a good start to learning Excel, but working with the program and trying different things was the best learning for me.

  • MrMojoRisin - Highly recommended

    I am convinced the bacteria in our mouth is a major cause of diabetes (and other diseases) if allowed to enter the bloodstream. I became diabetic a few months after having 4 cavities filled and I could never figure out why. I'm not overweight, it does not run in my family, and always ate fairly healthy. After much research I have undoubtedly concluded it was due to the dental work I had. Studying oral microbiology I learned oral bacteria have evolved mechanisms to sense their environment and evade or modify the host. Bacteria has one goal, to survive. Bacteria needs sugar to survive, it's what feeds it (btw it's not sugar that causes tooth decay, it's the acidic excrement from bacteria. Sugar simply feeds the bacteria which causes the bacteria to multiply rapidly and eventually tooth decay). Once this bacteria enters the blood stream it then has an avenue to wreak havoc on the rest of your body. Since it's goal is to survive, and with it's ability to modify the host (your body) it makes complete sense that it would create an environment most favorable for it to survive by attacking the pancreas in order to raise sugar levels in the host. But don't take my word for it, a study done in 2000 verifies the link between oral bacteria and systematic disease such as diabetes.

  • ubt2182 - High Serra Loop Backpack

    My daughter loved this backpack. Just as described...shipped in a timely manner. Very happy with our overall experience. Would definitley recommend to others.

  • Beth L. Willey - The perfect travel shoe

    This is my third pair! These shoes are great for the traveler. We are also a boating family and the bottoms are white so perfect for any bon voyage day. They pack great so you don't have clunky tennis shoes in your bag. Love them.

  • GenesisOne29 - There are at least eight disadvantages to Cutco knives.

    1)Inferior tempering. Cutco is stamped instead of forged. All best knives are forged (with the exception of Henckels Twinstar which is using a new technology called sintering) because forged knives make a better edge among other reasons. All the worst and cheapest knives are stamped because it is cheaper and easier. The forging process randomises the metal particles for a slightly tougher knife. It also permits the differing thicknesses of metal which is necessary for a heavy raised bolster between the knife handle and knife blade. Forged knives have more metal than stamped knives and thus are heavier. The forging process enables extra metal proportioning to give the knife perfect balance. Most prefer the weight of a forged knife. It feels heftier and more substantial. Forged knives generally are thicker, have more heft, hold an edge better, provide bolsters which brings better balance and safety, and obviously have been made with a lot more care and craftmanship. The forging process enhances the flexibility (making it less likely to snap to break), density, and hardness, and better solidifies the structure of a knife.