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Selamat Datang di SMA NEGERI 2 SAMBOJA - SMA NEGERI 2 SAMBOJA adalah sekolah yang berlokasi di Jl.Soekarno-Hatta Km.42 Kel.Sei Merdeka Kec.Samboja Kab.Kutai Kartanegara

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  • John Banja ([email protected]) - Remarkably well written and quite unforgettable

    On the basis of Amazon reviewers, I got a copy of this book from my university's library. After reading it, I've ordered a personal copy. Lansing's a marvelous writer. His prose is elegant, powerfully and wonderfully descriptive, and he knows how to hold the reader as captive as Shackleton's crew on the ice flow. The Amazon reviewers who mildly complained about the book becoming somewhat bogged down about two-thirds through are right--but in no way does that compromise the essence and thrill of this adventure story. I read it wanting to know more about Shackleton's leadship philosophy and strategies, but what I came away with was an unbridled appreciation of the composition and virtues of his crew: how they managed to get along, their infinite patience, and their quiet courage in what must have been--despite all the description--an utterly unimagineable ordeal. It is exceedingly odd and wonderfully paradoxical that Shackleton totally failed in his objective to cross the South Pole--he never got close. But he had this extraordinary adventure. I don't see how a person can be unaffected after reading this book.

  • Woodrow - This is the 'bible' for this subject!

    Reading is easy and pics and illustrations are too! For anyone with interest in this subject... this is the book to have! Look no further. This has it all and more!

  • Mike Ufford - Its like Fifa 14, but without all the features

    The Good: EA really outdid themselves by getting the gentlemen from Men In Blazers to record a commentary track. If you're a GFOP ("Good Friend of the Pod") the game is worth it for that reason alone. Beyond that, EA focused on the players likely to get called up, so for once the team actually looks like their real-life counterparts. They also did a great job of capturing the 'feel' of the World Cup compared to Fifa14 by adding more cut-aways to the crowds, segments of the national anthems, more team-specific commentary, scenarios that pay tribute to actual events from qualifying etc.

  • T. Thompson - Reception not as good but I mainly listen to audio books on my ...

    Bought for purposes of not hitting garage door and it serves. Reception not as good but I mainly listen to audio books on my commute so again it serves my purpose.

  • Amazon Customer - Great product

    I have tried several other brands of eye lubricants and this one is by far the best. I can actually feel the difference immediately and it is effective for quite some time.

  • Amazon Customer - Definite Must-have for Fans

    After purchasing the last Illustrated Edition, I was eagerly awaiting the arrival of the next book. The last edition was a wonderful interpretation of the scenes and characters, and this one is even better. This may be in part of Jim Kay gaining more confidence in his interpretations as he had previously been nervous about releasing his illustrations to a rather popular series.