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  • http://www.sleep-doctor.com/about-dr-kezirian/ Sleep Apnea Surgery | Eric J. Kezirian, MD, MPH - Sleep doctor Eric J. Kezirian, MD, MPH ia a leader in sleep apnea surgery. If you suffer from snoring or sleep apnea, learn more about your options here.
  • http://www.sleep-doctor.com/surgical-treatment-overview/ Details on the Sleep Apnea Procedure | Sleep Doctor - Quit snoring and sleep better with an obstructive sleep apnea procedure from the Sleep Doctor. See if you qualify by visiting the following page.
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  • http://www.sleep-doctor.com/surgical-treatment-overview/upper-airway-stimulation/ Inspire Upper Airway Stimulation | Sleep Apnea Surgery - Cure obstructive sleep apnea with Upper Airway Stimulation. Learn more about this exciting new treatment for sleep apnea from the Sleep Doctor.
  • http://www.sleep-doctor.com/surgical-treatment-overview/palate-procedures/pillar-procedure/ Pillar Procedure for Snoring or Sleep Apnea | Sleep Doctor - The Pillar Procedure is a snoring surgery with excellent results. Learn more from the Sleep Doctor.
  • http://www.sleep-doctor.com/research/ Research in sleep apnea and snoring surgery from the Sleep Doctor - Dr. Kezirian's research improves results in snoring and sleep apnea surgery. Learn more from the Sleep Doctor.
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  • bob catron - Closest shave ever

    Two weeks into use of the razor; I feel it's the closest shave I've ever got. Been a Gillette user for many years. Tried a Walgreens brand to save money, but it was so crummy I returned it. This Dorco setup is well made, well balanced, and the blade angle seems just right. Very light pressure is needed to get a great shave. Quality is high. I don't see how anyone could be disappointed.

  • K. Collins - The WWE Game for non-WWE Fans!

    I wanted to make a few personal comments about me and this game that might help you see where I'm coming from. I have NEVER bought a wrestling game before. I do not watch wrestling. I'm totally put-off by the "kayfabe" dramas and macho, steroid-pumped soap operas that are WWE and the ilk. More importantly, I am appalled at the lack of mental and physical health care the wrestlers receive despite the obvious sacrifices they make for their craft and business.

  • scott - been good to me.

    I have had good luck with mine with the only complaint being the battery didn't last 2 years and it would have been nice to get a notice when the battery was low. The phone finding works just as well as the key finder. It saved my skin once when it fell down into the back of an electric guitar amp where I would have never found it, but the batteries were dead the last time I needed it and it took 3 days to find. I just ordered a few more for other keys and a set of headphones I am always misplacing and I am waiting for the atlas system to come out now that will tell you which room you left it in as well. I think they had some bug in it at first and because of that it took longer to roll out then expected and caused some head aches but with my droid turbo its been nice to have.

  • Dusthan - This is the vacuum I've been looking for

    For years I have been searching for the perfect "every day" vacuum. I have a Dyson that is great for weekly cleaning and heavy-duty jobs, but it seemed like overkill for the everyday stuff. We have a tile kitchen floor and lots of hardwood, plus a couple of area rugs here and there. With two kids and a dog, it has been a constant battle trying to keep up with the dog hair, the dust bunnies and the dirt that gets clomped out of baseball cleats near the kitchen door. I have a Swiffer, 2 different Roombas, a Shark, and a Hoover Flair, all of which I really love for different reasons, but they all fell short of being THE vacuum for me for constant use. I have a very bad back and two bad knees, so anything requiring me to bend over (cords), place back on a charger, unplug, get on the floor to empty, etc. was pretty hard on me. I'm embarrassed to say, it often just didn't get done and we frequently just lived with dust bunnies until I would get disgusted and do it the old fashioned way, with a broom and dustpan.

  • Cool Stuff on Amazon - Excellent summary of a great book

    Excellent summary of The Power of Habit. I read the full book and wanted a refresher. This summary is beautifully written. It's clear, concise, well-organized, and offers key takeaways after each section. It helped clarify Charles Duhrigg's finer points and reinforced the principles behind the book. I really enjoyed it. I gave it 5 stars because I'm so impressed with how well it is put together. It's a very easy, quick read, and makes a great reading companion to the full book. If you are looking for a good self-help title, I highly recommend Duhrigg's full book and this summary as a reading companion.

  • Semag - read before you buy!

    I have used acronis for 10 years GREAT product!!! Until now! does not clone properly. I made a clone of windows 10 and none of my software worked had to reinstall keys again what's the purpose of cloning if it does not make a clone.