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Sinclair CRO Research Services & Research Animal Models | Sinclair - Sinclair is dedicated to providing the highest quality research services and animal models for pharmaceutical, medical device & animal health. See more.

  • http://www.sinclairresearch.com/about-us/ About Sinclair Preclinical Research Services | Sinclair Research - Sinclair offers preclinical research services in a large range of animal species including miniswine (minipigs). Learn more about our preclinical services.
  • http://www.sinclairresearch.com/about-us/history/ History | Sinclair Research - Sinclair started as an environmental toxicology services laboratory and today offers preclinical drug and device toxicology research services. Learn more.
  • http://www.sinclairresearch.com/about-us/facilities/ Sinclair's Contract Research Organization Facilities | Sinclair¬† - Sinclair has CRO facilities in Missouri and Maine. Learn more about our substantial facilities and our strong commitment to animal welfare.
  • http://www.sinclairresearch.com/about-us/research-staff/ Research Staff | Sinclair Research - Sinclair has multidisciplinary staff to design, execute, and communicate your studies. Learn more about our research staff.
  • http://www.sinclairresearch.com/about-us/consultants/ Specialized Research Consultants | Sinclair Research - Sinclair has outside consultants to provide needed expertise for specialized research, including stem cell therapy. Learn more about our consultants.
  • http://www.sinclairresearch.com/about-us/client-testimonials/ Testimonials | Sinclair Research - Sinclair enjoys many complimentary accolades (testimonials) from our research clients. Learn more about our testimonials on toxicology research.
  • http://www.sinclairresearch.com/about-us/news-events/ News and Press Releases | About Us | Sinclair Research - Sinclair is actively involved in educational endeavors at national level meetings. Learn more about our noteworthy news and press releases.
  • http://www.sinclairresearch.com/about-us/news-events/events-upcoming-conferences/ Events & Upcoming Conferences | Sinclair Research - Sinclair is actively involved in national level meetings to provide ready access for clients. Learn more about our noteworthy events & upcoming conferences.
  • http://www.sinclairresearch.com/about-us/careers/ Careers in Specialized Research | Sinclair Research - Sinclair offers dynamic careers to dedicated and experienced workers. Learn more about our research staff and apply for an position today!
  • http://www.sinclairresearch.com/research-services/ Biomedical Research Services Overview | Sinclair Research - Sinclair offers biomedical research services under many specialty biomedical research areas, including toxicology, pharmacology, diabetes & more. See more.
  • http://www.sinclairresearch.com/research-services/pharmacology/ Preclinical Pharmacology Research Services| Sinclair Research - Sinclair offers efficacy pharmacology services, including pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. Learn more about our pharmacology research services.
  • http://www.sinclairresearch.com/research-services/toxicology/ Preclinical Toxicology Research Services | Sinclair Research - Sinclair offers efficacy toxicology services, including toxicokinetics. Learn more about our toxicology research services.
  • http://www.sinclairresearch.com/research-services/surgical/ Surgical Research Services and Studies | Sinclair Research - Sinclair Research provides surgical studies, capabilities, models and services ranging from simple procedures to complex, invasive surgery. Learn more.
  • http://www.sinclairresearch.com/research-services/medical-devices/ Medical Device Research & Testing | Sinclair Research - Sinclair offers services for medical devices, including cytotoxicity, sensitization, irritation, systemic toxicity, ¬†subchronic toxicity & more. Learn more.
  • http://www.sinclairresearch.com/research-services/pharmacokinetics/ Pharmacokinetics Research Services | Sinclair Research - Sinclair offers services for pharmacokinetics, including small and large molecules in a wide range of species, global protocols & more. Learn more.
  • http://www.sinclairresearch.com/research-services/good-laboratory-practice-glp/ Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) Research Studies | Sinclair - Sinclair offers good laboratory practice (GLP) testing for human and animal drug submissions. Learn more about our GLP research services.
  • http://www.sinclairresearch.com/research-services/target-animal-safety/ Target Animal Safety | Sinclair Research - Sinclair offers target animal safety studies for veterinary or animal health products. Learn more about our target animal safety (TAS) research services.
  • http://www.sinclairresearch.com/research-services/animal-models/ Preclinical Animal Models | Miniswine | Sinclair Research - Sinclair offers standard animal models for preclinical research. Others are available for various types of non-preclinical biomedical research. Learn more.
  • http://www.sinclairresearch.com/research-services/specialty-studies/ Specialty Studies and Research Services | Sinclair Research - Sinclair offers specialty designed studies for new technology products. Some studies are created from scratch, others adopt published procedures. See more.
  • http://www.sinclairresearch.com/therapeutic-areas/ Overview of Therapeutic Areas | Sinclair Research - Sinclair offers research services in many therapeutic areas including metabolic diseases, diabetes, inflammation, dermal & more. Learn more.
  • http://www.sinclairresearch.com/therapeutic-areas/metabolic-disease/ Metabolic Diseases Therapeutics | Sinclair Research - Sinclair offers research services in metabolic diseases, including diabetes, obesity, and dyslipidemia. Learn more.
  • http://www.sinclairresearch.com/therapeutic-areas/diabetes/ Diabetes Therapeutic Testing | Sinclair Research - Sinclair offers diabetes research services. Learn more about our diabetes research studies.
  • http://www.sinclairresearch.com/therapeutic-areas/inflammation/ Inflammation Drug and Joint Studies | Sinclair Research - Sinclair offers inflammation based disease models and research services. Learn more about our inflammation model research studies.
  • http://www.sinclairresearch.com/therapeutic-areas/dermal/ Dermal Toxicity¬†Testing | Sinclair Research - Sinclair offers dermal animal models and research services. Learn more about our dermatotoxicology and dermatopharmacology research studies.
  • http://www.sinclairresearch.com/therapeutic-areas/wound-healing/ Dermal Wound Healing Studies | Sinclair Research - Sinclair offers wound healing studies in miniswine models and wound research services. Learn more about our wound healing studies.

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  • Rick - Excellent!

    I feel prepared to research and buy/sell good stocks with confidence after reading this book. I'm on my second read through to get a better grasp. A third read will occur, mostly because I like the way the book is written.

  • Blacksmith - Good but won't last long

    I bought this pair of shoes after hearing that they fit small. I went a whole size higher and they still fit a little too tight than I like. But I like the color. I did, however, play a game of basketball in the shoes and they wore the sole of the shoe more than I thought. I think it's a good looking shoe, but won't last long. I use the shoes for running and sports. I think I'll get only 3-6 months out of them.

  • Nicholas Matt - ok here we go...

    The Xbox one is great. Ive had it since the nov. 22nd. It does everything you expect it to do. Here is what you get for the 100 dollars more than the PlayStation. You get Kinect. At first I didn't use this much except to show off. Very useful to turn my Xbox off though. Signs me in automatically 99% of the time. Never realized how lazy I sometimes am before I got this. Walking out the room while watching a movie I just say "Xbox pause" and it does. I put my stereo up real loud so the Kinect would recognize my voice clearly from anywhere in my room. You get the snap feature. Very useful for playing a game and watching TV at the same time. Didn't seem practical at the time but I use it constantly now. I am an Xbox guy and haven't owned a PlayStation but from what problems I've experienced with the PlayStation I never bought one. PlayStation 4 may be different. I have no idea. Kinect will grow on you. Trust me. When I compare Microsoft to Sony I always think... Microsoft is like Disney, they own everything! The PlayStation may be first to have twitch streaming or Facebook sharing but from what I've seen in the Xbox 360 vs. PS3 war those features WILL be added later to both consoles. To add software is one thing, to add hardware is another. PlayStation 4 has the capability to have better graphics on games and the Xbox has the capability to have a better user experience. It really all depends on what you like more. The controller, the size, the Kinect, the experience. Just remember software (apps and user interface) is one thing but hardware (Kinect, controller, and console) is another. In my opinion way worth the 100 dollars more. I mean come on, a tablet that you use primarily for web browsing cost this much. And this price will not drop for at least a year. Despite what gamers think, Microsoft is here to make money. So they only sold 3 million so far, how many of anything have you sold so far? And in 2 months. There are no problems with my console and it has a one year warranty on it. So buy now and boast or wait a year and buy it at the same price. And believe me, its as fast as they advertise it. And snap will be your best friend. And the games look great. Its just too early to judge this right now. Give me a year and ill know for sure.

  • Dustin - product code invalid

    It wouldn't let me download it.. it said the product code was invalid :( I like the game but when it doesn't download what can ya do

  • 333watch3r - Update SW, buy extra batteries and then Endless fun awaits!!

    If you are reading this and is deciding to get one prior to a vacation, I can tell you get one and update the software, there will be no regrets if you prepare correctly. Here is a video proof I captured all on GoProHero 3 Black. FW version HD3.03.02.37. (As of this writing May 21, the latest FW is HD3.03.02.39). I did not have problems with version 2.37