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  • Baybdoll - Single best purchase EVER!

    I've been married for 13 years. During that time we've been through 5 blenders. Either the motors burn out, or after trying to use the product for a month or 2 we realize that it fails miserably and we stashed it in a cabinet until we decided it was time to try another brand.

  • Peaches Green - Sturdy protection came super fast!

    So today is day two. I've always been a plastic screen protector person. But I was excited to try something new “I received this product in exchange for an honest review” what I found surprised me, I've always liked the plastic ones cause they don't hinder my typing, and I worried it would look weird. It did none of those things. The pros with my otterbox and alternate case it didnt interfere. I can't even tell its on here! Also another pro is my plastic one always has a bubble somewhere this one does not.

  • Sierrawine - Give the system 5 stars but the French version 4 stars

    I have been using this for several months now. The light is fine, though I'm considering the Royal light so that I can do both hands at once to save time. (But it certainly won't save storage space - this is nice and small but you do four fingers on one hand, then both thumbs and then the other fingers - so the time spent curing adds up.) I used the french tips only once as I found them to be time-consuming to apply (but they looked terrific at first!) and not long-lived. A couple of them chipped after a few days, which I found very disappointing. This, of course, could be because it was my first try with the system. I just used regular white polish to fill the chips and then went over it with some Posh topcoat and it actually lasted quite a while. I bought other colors and have had AMAZING success - LOVE the gel manicure system, which I purchased because I have a small child and that means I cannot spend time every couple of days doing manicures and I cannot stand chipped nails. Probably the best part for me is that I can USE my nails - I'd highly recommend a gel system for people who wear gloves a lot (i.e polish doesn't last!) or people who want/need to use their nails and don't want to worry constantly about chipping.

  • Laura Leiva (Letter Shelves Blog) - I recommend you to read the first one

    Harper Mclain is in trouble and this time she's involved in a case with her ex-boyfriend Detective Lucas Sullivan. Disclaimer: Amazon says that can be read as an standalone but trust me, I recommend you to read the first one, so you don't find yourself navigating in unknown waters a little bit at the beggining.

  • Josh - Great customer service

    Great price for the quality and quantity of assorted wrenches. The product came in extremely fast(Im stationed overseas). I am missing the 5/16" wrench but as soon as I got home, I called the customer service number and didn't wait more then 5 minutes. The rep was very nice and willing to work with me. The wrench was sent same day. I am a very happy customer and I will be doing more business with the company in the future!

  • Robin Orlowski - Back in Business

    This product does not come auto-bundled with Microsoft office anymore. I was expected to purchase it separately. Well actually, if I wanted access to my documents I had painstakingly worked on ever again, I did not have choice. I had to shell out extra bucks for this ontop of the new computer. All of that aside, the setup process was fairly easy---because I was left to do this completely on my own too Print preview and zoom (for some reason) are now difficult to find??